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voting system
« on: October 28, 2018, 08:13:28 pm »
can we get a voting system in which everyone can agree upon certain updates?
i noticed how the updates are kind of random and not really ordered, from my perspective as a player.
i did not like how the whip was released prior to other dragon weapons, such as the dba, dscim dhally, ect.
i was very excited for the slow release of stronger weapons in stead of everyone rocking just one or two things.
back when the rune scim, dds or dspear was the way to go, i was looking forward to the release of new things, then they coded in lost city which was fking amazing. i wish heros came next. but yeah sorry guys, just a thought. maybe consider doing fremmy trials soon, for zerker helm, archer helm, ect. same with mage gear, were pretty limited here. i think mage training arena should be next.