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RuneRebels Aquarius (2.7) - The Slayer Tower Update!
« on: August 28, 2018, 03:29:31 am »

While we were deep in the code slaying bugs in the game, we discovered that King Roald needed some assistance slaying tasks of his own. We ventured into the blank land of Morytania and helped to rebuild the temple of Paterdomus alongside Drezel. Along the way, we brought to life a whole new town filled with some very peculiar creatures who don't respond very well to being threatened. Lastly, we helped to unrestore a beautiful old tower by filling it with monsters and creatures that should never see the light of day. We hope that you have more fun managing them than we did!
- The RuneRebels Dev Team

I'm so excited for you guys to finally get to try out all of the new features and content that this update adds to the game. The content in this update has been a long time in the making, and I'm so proud of all the hard work that the development team did on this release. They've taken the tools that I've made and brought the game to the next level, and on my own I would never have been able to get the game to this point. Make sure to thank the members of the development team if you see them in game, and please keep reporting anything bugs or oddies that you encounter! The team has pressed me hard to improve the quality of the game and fix many of the small annoyances and inconsistencies in the game, such as the speed at which you bury bones, pickup items, or how fast the hit splats appear on Npcs. We will always encourage feedback from you guys, and thank you for sticking with us!

- Ry60003333

Added Priest in Peril quest!
Added Wolfbane weapon interface
Added Wolfbane combat animations
Added Wolfbane sounds
Added Wolfbane weapon stats
Added Monk of Zamorak's combat animations
Added Monk of Zamorak's combat sounds
Added Monk of Zamorak's drop tables
Added "Mausoleum" music
Added "Parade" music
Spawned Bats on the path to the Paterdomus Temple

Spawned Men and Women
Added Men and Women's combat sounds
Added Men and Women's dialogue
Added Werewolf transformation
Added Werewolf transformation sounds
Added Werewolf combat animations
Added Werewolf combat sounds
Added Wolfbane preventing Werewolf transformation
Spawned Will o' the Wisps
Added S'bott's trade option
Added Signpost's "Read" option
Added Tall Reed's "Look" and "Search" options
Added "Village" music
Added "Morytania" music
Added "Fenkenstrain's Refrain" music

Added "Terrible Tower" music
Fixed Slayer Tower entrance doors
Added Slayer Tower entrance door's sounds
Fixed Gargoyle Statues animation when opening/closing doors
Fixed Spikey Chains
Added Agility requirements to Spikey Chains
Fixed Doors
Added text to Warning Signs outside Slayer Tower
Added Crawling Hands' combat animations
Added Crawling Hands' combat sounds
Fixed Banshees not being damageable without earmuffs
Fixed Banshees not draining combat stats
Added Banshee's magic attack
Added Banshee's combat sounds
Fixed Banshee's not freezing the player if they don't have earmuffs
Added Infernal Mage's combat animations
Added Infernal Mage's combat sounds
Added Infernal Mage's drop tables
Added Bloodveld's drop tables
Added Aberrant Spectre's magic attack
Added Aberrant Spectre's drop tables
Fixed Aberrant Spectre's not being aggressive
Added Nechryael's combat animations
Added Nechryael's combat sounds
Added Nechryael's Death Spawn ability
Added Death Spawn's summon GFX
Added Death Spawn's combat animations
Added Death Spawn's combat sounds
Added Death Spawn's drop table
Fixed Gargoyle's not being aggressive
Fixed Gargoyle's not being damageable
Added Rock Hammer animation
Added Rock Hammer sound
Added Abyssal Demon's teleportation ability
Added Abyssal Demon's teleport GFX
Added Abyssal Demon's teleport sounds

Game Engine:
Removed follower drop sound from login
Fixed a bug with picking up items resulting in the wrong pickup animation
Added missing sound when selecting "Click Here To Play" on welcome screen

Core Engine:
Fixed not being able to empty Buckets
Added correct Spade digging sound
Added missing sound when "Make" is selected on a MakeItem interface. IE: Smithing
Added missing sound when slashing webs
Added sounds to all doors.
(Not all are 100% correct as only specific doors were added a specific sound while the rest are set to a default sound until later implemented)
Fixed Taverly Dungeon door to Blue Dragons not working
Easter Ring morphing sound
Fully implemented the Ring of Stone
Fixed the sounds for Al Kharid temple doors

Blitz Engine:
Fixed picking up items too fast from a distance
Fixed players seeing "Connection Lost" from a system update. The player now cleanly logs out.
Fixed NPC arrow indicators reappearing on NPCs after they die
Added sound for trying to move while frozen
Fixed "Cannot move" message being sent multiple times per game tick
Added Book interfaces
Fixed NPC damage sounds playing before the Player's attack sounds
Converted NPC attack speeds to game ticks
Fixed manual music mode
Fixed picking up an item off the ground and running away performing the "grab off of table" animation

Tutorial Island:
Fixed logout button not being displayed on Tutorial Island
Fixed doors not opening

Fixed Quest Journal text not updating properly
(When you spoke to an NPC to start a quest and you trigger the first quest step that will change the text on the quest journal to yellow,
it remains red until you either hover over it or walk etc, when it should update immediately)
Fixed quests not being highlighted when hovered over
Removed quests from the quest list that aren't yet developed. This will prevent confusion of what's added.

Fixed ranging on Ducks
Fixed arrows stacking on water
Adjusted Ranged Projectile speeds for bows, knives etc.
Fixed Shortbow attack speeds
Added Shortbow sounds
Fixed Magic Shortbow special attack projectile speed
Fixed Longbow attack speeds
Added Longbow sounds
Added Dart sounds
Added Dart animation
Added Throwing Knife sounds
Added Thrownaxe sounds
Added Javelin sounds
Added all Crossbow weapon interfaces
Added all Crossbow animations
Added all Crossbow sounds
Added Toktz-xil-ul weapon interface
Added Toktz-xil-ul animations
Added Toktz-xil-ul sounds
Fixed Bolts not being stackable
Added correct 'out of ammo' messages

Fixed magic on ducks
Fixed Teleport destinations being a single tile. It will now randomize within the teleport location.
Added support for teleport sounds from other players playing when within a certain distance
Fixed Nature Rune's low alch & high alch value
Added Orb charging interface
Fixed Elemental Obelisks charging orbs from a distance

Decreased burying bones delay time to accurately replicate OSRS
Added all Prayer activation sounds
Added all "out of prayer" sounds
Added sounds for using a prayer above your level
Added Retribution's damage dealing sound
Added Redemption's healing sound
Smite prayer now functions correctly
Fixed Abbot Langley's dialogue

Added prospecting sound to mining rocks

Fixed Dart Tips being smithable without the Tourist Trap quest
Added "You need a hammer to smith items." message
Added "You need a smithing level of at least xx to make an xxx." message
Added "You need xx bars to make an xxx." message
Added "You need a smithing level of at least xx to smelt xxx." message
Added "The ring of forging disintegrates." message
Added "You retrieve a bar of xxx from the furnace." message
Added correct sound when selecting what to smelt at a Furnace
Fixed player not facing the furnace when smelting

Added Roachey's dialogue in the Fishing Guild
Added missing item spawns in the Fishing Guild
Fixed dropping items not cancelling the fishing action

Added Dairy Churning sounds
Fixed not being able to cook on coloured fires

Added Bird's Nest falling from tree sound

Perfected firemaking chaining
Fixed firemaking chaining in front of an obstruction forcing the player diagonally
Added firelighters on logs for different colored fires
Fixed Unlit Bug Lanterns not being able to be lit with a tinderbox
Removed drop noise from logs when a tinderbox is used on them

Added missing sounds to fletching logs into arrow shafts and bows
Added missing bow string animation

Added leather crafting animation
Fixed hardleather bodies requiring three hard leather instead of one

Added Aubury's teleporting gfx and sounds
Fixed Pure Essence being enabled on F2P worlds
Added Rune Essence portal teleport gfx
Increased Essence Portal's interaction range
Added support for using essence on the altar to craft runes
Added "Enter" option to Mysterious Ruins when wearing the Runecrafting skillcape

Added Leaf-bladed Spear weapon interface
Added Leaf-bladed Spear animations
Added Leaf-bladed Spear sounds

Random Events:
Added Split Axe random event sound
Added "poof" sound for when random events appear
Added Genie's "poof" appearing sound
Added Bird's Nest sound
Fixed Pheasants being attack-able after completing the event
Added Pheasant's sounds
Fixed not being able to use Pheasant item on Freaky Forester

Banks have been renamed to "The Bank of RuneRebels"
Fixed the "Bank" option for Bankers
Fixed not being able to talk to Bankers through the Booths
Fixed Deposit Boxes not depositing item when using item on object
Added Deposit Box interface "How many would you like to deposit?"
Added Deposit Box animation when depositing items

Fixed Ellis the tanner's walking bounds. He will no longer walk around the back of the building
Implemented correct Paladin ID's in Ardougne. (Was previously Castle Wars Paladins)
Added Wizard Frumscone's dialogue
Added Sarah's dialogue
Corrected Man's incorrect spelling of "goblins" from "goblines"
Fixed Ducks swimming on land. IE at the Fishing Guild
Converted Terminator Guard in Falador to a normal Guard
Added Giant Rat's combat sounds
Added/fixed Spider's combat sounds
Added Dark Wizard's combat sounds
Added Wizard's proper magic attack
Added Mugger's combat sounds
Added Monk's combat sounds
Added Hobgoblin's combat sounds
Added Al-Kharid Warrior's death animation
Added Jail Guard's combat sounds
Added Guard's combat animations
Added Guard's combat sounds
Added/fixed Black Knight's combat animations
Added/fixed Black Knight's combat sounds
Added/fixed Lesser Demon's combat sounds
Added/fixed Greater Demon's combat sounds
Added/fixed All Dragon's combat sounds
Added/fixed Fire, Moss and Ice Giant's combat sounds
Added/fixed All Bear's combat sounds
Added/fixed Unicorn's combat sounds
Added/fixed Rock Crab's combat sounds
Added/fixed Jellies' combat sounds
Added/fixed Cow's combat sounds
Added/fixed Wolf's combat sounds
Added/fixed Pheasant's combat sounds
Added/fixed Hellhound's combat sounds
Added TzHaar-Hur's combat animations
Added Shades combat sounds
Added Ghosts combat sounds
Added Leeches combat sounds
Added Vampire's combat sounds
Added Scorpion's combat sounds
Added King Scorpion's combat animations
Added Ghoul's combat sounds
Spawned Mugger behind Lumbridge Castle
Spawned Gnome NPC's all around Tree Gnome Village
Spawned Hill Giants in Tree Gnome Village Maze
Spawned Goblins in Tree Gnome Village Maze
Spawned Giant Rats in Tree Gnome Village Maze
Spawned Spiders in Tree Gnome Village Maze
Spawned a Black Bear in Tree Gnome Village Maze
Spawned Remsai In Tree Gnome Village
Spawned Kelkoy at entrance of Maze and Entrance of Tree Gnome Village
Spawned Bolkoy in Tree Gnome Village
Spawned Local Gnomes in Tree Gnome Village
Spawned King Bolren
Spawned Will o' the Wisps

NPC Shops:
Corrected Nurmof's Pickaxe Shop stock numbers and prices
Corrected TzHaar-Mej-Roh's Rune Store's stock numbers and prices
Added Bolkoy's Village Shop in Tree Gnome Village

Weapons & Armour:
Added wield requirements to poisoned weapons
Fixed Maul weapons switching aggressive and defensive attack styles when selecting one or the other
Added weapon & armour equipping/unequipping sounds
Added Scimitar Lunge (Stab) sound
Added all Sword sounds
Added Blurite Sword weapon interface
Added all Blurite Sword animations
Added all Blurite Sword sounds
Added Toktz-xil-ak weapon interface
Added all Toktz-xil-ak animations
Added all Toktz-xil-ak sounds
Added Longsword Lunge (Stab) sound
Added all Dagger sounds
Added Dagger Slash animation
Added Toktz-xil-ek weapon interface
Added all Toktz-xil-ek animations
Added all Toktz-xil-ek sounds
Added all Mace animations
Added all Mace sounds
Added Tzhaar-ket-em weapon interface
Added all Tzhaar-ket-em animations
Added all Tzhaar-ket-em sounds
Added all Tzhaar-ket-om sounds
Added Pickaxe Smash (Crush) sound
Added Pickaxe combat animations
Added all Spear animations
Added all Spear sounds
Added Spear standing animation
Added all Staff sounds
Added Toktz-mej-tal weapon interface
Added all Toktz-mej-tal animations
Added all Toktz-mej-tal sounds
Added all Dragon Spear animations
Added all Dragon Spear sounds
Added Dragon Spear Special
Added Dragon Battleaxe Special
Added Dragon Axe interface
Added all Dragon Axe animations
Added all Dragon Axe sounds
Added Dragon Axe Special
Added Dragon 2h Sword Special
Added all Dragon Longsword sounds
Fixed Granite Maul speed
Added Decorative Sword's weapon interface
Added all Decorative Sword animations
Added all Decorative Sword sounds
Added Rubber Chicken's weapon interface

Added Spade's digging sound
Made Bird's Nests Untradable

Applied correct sounds to all wooden double gates
Applied correct sounds to all metal double gates
Fixed Gates south of Falador at the cabbage patch
Fixed Gate at Beehives
Fixed Gate to Brimhaven
Fixed Loose Railing shortcut in Tree Gnome Village
Fixed Loose Railing shortcut to Canifis
Fixed Ladder leading to Tree Gnome Village Dungeon

Client Improvements:
Disabled clicking on the minimap while on the welcome screen
Disabled typing while on the welcome screen
Improved cache downloading
Added music button to login screen
Added pressing down the middle mouse button to rotate the game camera around
Added pressing the 'enter' key to login
Added a "Connecting to update server" and "Checking for updates" step that feature a progress bar as well as a percentage of how far along loading is
Added support to autodetect Java >= 7 on OS X and enable sound conversion by default

Added more information to "invalid music" message

Player Experience
Finally, one of the core focuses of this update is to improve the player experience of the game. This includes server-side things such as fixing the timing for burying bones, picking up items, hit splats appearing, and so on. However, it also includes making improvements and fixes to the game client! For example, the neon bulbs that powered the glowing RuneRebels logo during client startup have finally burnt out, and we've replaced it with extremely optimized update server code to get you to the login screen faster:

You have also probably noticed that there is now a button in the bottom right corner for toggling the login screen music on and off! This setting will save between game sessions, so we hope that it encourages more people to try out high detail and experience some of the music and sound effects that we have added in this update. We also encourage you to post bugs on anything that is missing music and sound!

Finally, we've modified how the blurb of text when you first login to the server behaves. Instead of getting spammed with multiple messages that you will probably ignore every login, we've summarized everything into a single message that will only be presented once every day that directs you to our new ::help command. For the rest of the day, you will experience the pure bless of an almost empty chatbox on login:

We have more improvements for the player experience and the client planned for the future, and can't wait to share them with you in future updates!

Good luck in the tower...

Code: [Select]
Marshmallow's summary for the Aquarius release:

Game Engine:
RuneScape Blitz: merge 483 commits into master

AllGoFree: merge 1 commit into master
Arctic: merge 3 commits into master
Blitz API: merge 57 commits into master
Core AllGoFree: merge 18 commits into master

Agility: merge 58 commits into master
AllStarX: merge 2 commits into master
Bank: merge 10 commits into master
CastleWars: merge 1 commit into master
Classic: merge 6 commits into master
Commands: merge 79 commits into master
Cooking: merge 27 commits into master
Core 317: merge 10 commits into master
Core 317 Clipping: merge 17 commits into master
Core 459: merge 1 commit into master
Core 474: merge 2 commits into master
Core 508: merge 3 commits into master
Core 562: merge 1 commit into master
Core 613: merge 2 commits into master
Core Engine: merge 642 commits into master
Crafting: merge 2 commits into master
Documentation: merge 208 commits into master
Dueling: merge 1 commit into master
Firemaking: merge 35 commits into master
Fishing: merge 3 commits into master
Fletching: merge 1 commit into master
Halloween2018: merge 1 commit into master
ItemWieldRequirements: merge 17 commits into master
Magic: merge 63 commits into master
Members: merge 21 commits into master
Mining: merge 3 commits into master
NpcDrops: merge 35 commits into master
ObjectScripts: merge 8 commits into master
Prayer: merge 11 commits into master
QuestScripts: merge 9 commits into master
Quests: merge 34 commits into master
RandomEvents: merge 9 commits into master
Ranged: merge 26 commits into master
RuneRebels: merge 291 commits into master
Runecrafting: merge 22 commits into master

Shops: merge 9 commits into master
SkillCapes: merge 1 commit into master
Slayer: merge 83 commits into master
Smithing: merge 45 commits into master
SpecialAttacks: merge 5 commits into master
Summoning: merge 1 commit into master
TeleportStyles: merge 5 commits into master
Trading: merge 1 commit into master
Tutorial Island: merge 7 commits into master
UniversalScape: merge 2 commits into master
Woodcutting: merge 1 commit into master

Total: 2383 commits

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Re: RuneRebels Aquarius (2.7) - The Slayer Tower Update!
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2018, 03:37:55 am »
oH lOrD 😍
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Re: RuneRebels Aquarius (2.7) - The Slayer Tower Update!
« Reply #2 on: August 28, 2018, 03:42:23 am »
So much yes!!!
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Re: RuneRebels Aquarius (2.7) - The Slayer Tower Update!
« Reply #3 on: August 28, 2018, 03:45:50 am »
This is a juicy looking update post 😁


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Re: RuneRebels Aquarius (2.7) - The Slayer Tower Update!
« Reply #4 on: August 28, 2018, 03:52:35 am »
Wow Ryan, that is a big
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Re: RuneRebels Aquarius (2.7) - The Slayer Tower Update!
« Reply #5 on: August 28, 2018, 06:24:49 am »
Holy Cannoli  ;D


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Re: RuneRebels Aquarius (2.7) - The Slayer Tower Update!
« Reply #6 on: August 28, 2018, 06:27:34 am »
so speechless bois.. love u all !


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Re: RuneRebels Aquarius (2.7) - The Slayer Tower Update!
« Reply #7 on: August 28, 2018, 06:32:33 am »
Super sweet! Thank you dev team and everyone involved <3!!!
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Re: RuneRebels Aquarius (2.7) - The Slayer Tower Update!
« Reply #8 on: August 28, 2018, 07:32:41 am »
nice work guys!

it isnt omar til omar says its omar


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Re: RuneRebels Aquarius (2.7) - The Slayer Tower Update!
« Reply #9 on: August 28, 2018, 08:26:47 am »
Enjoy everybody!


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Re: RuneRebels Aquarius (2.7) - The Slayer Tower Update!
« Reply #10 on: August 28, 2018, 10:07:19 am »
Just finished reading the update log.. you guys deserve the best for that shietton of work..
rip Fally Terminator Guard tho, ?-2018 nevar forgette~

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Re: RuneRebels Aquarius (2.7) - The Slayer Tower Update!
« Reply #11 on: August 28, 2018, 11:47:08 am »
THIS IS WHY WE STILL [email protected]@@@@@!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING


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Re: RuneRebels Aquarius (2.7) - The Slayer Tower Update!
« Reply #12 on: August 28, 2018, 02:26:48 pm »
Thank you guys so much for all the hard work!


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Re: RuneRebels Aquarius (2.7) - The Slayer Tower Update!
« Reply #13 on: August 28, 2018, 03:43:22 pm »
This is why runerebels is no.1 in my opinion :D
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Re: RuneRebels Aquarius (2.7) - The Slayer Tower Update!
« Reply #14 on: August 28, 2018, 05:52:04 pm »
I read all the changelog and I have no words. So much work deserves to be appreciate. Thanks a lot devs for all.