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RuneRebels Calvera Hotpatch (
« on: June 02, 2019, 08:54:10 pm »

Hello everyone! We hope that you guys are enjoying the new update; we've identified a few bugs that we want to squash and some quick features that we want to add, so we are happy to release this hotpatch on top of the previous update. You can find more of the details in the update contents below. :)
- The RuneRebels Dev Team

Core Engine:
Fixed a bug where the "Rocks" on Karamja weren't usable from all sides.

Modified the right click "Lookup" option enabled with "::togglelookup" to not make the player walk up to the target.

Free to Play:
Added the "you are currently standing in a members only area" message on login to a F2P world while in a members area instead of teleporting the player to Lumbridge.

Food & Drink:
Added full support for vegetable sacks.
Fixed a bug where clicking the "fill" option on a basket with more than 5 fruits in your inventory caused a Blitz error.
Fixed a bug where adding a tomato to a basket would turn the item into an invalid "Coins" item.

Fixed a bug where the "Light" option on logs would consume the item in the first slot of your inventory.

Added support for smithing steel studs.

Added a ping packet timeout of 5 seconds; this should drastically reduce the amount of times your account gets "stuck online" while the client is closed or on the login screen.

Fixed a bug where the Wilderness warning would appear very far away from the Wilderness, such as in Seer's Village.
Added the Wilderness warning to the underground Wilderness in Edgeville dungeon.

Code: [Select]
Marshmallow's summary for the Calvera release:

Game Engine:
RuneScape Blitz: merge 12 commits into master

Blitz API: merge 7 commits into master
Core AllGoFree: merge 1 commit into master

Areas: merge 2 commits into master
Commands: merge 11 commits into master
Core 317: merge 5 commits into master
Core Engine: merge 10 commits into master
Firemaking: merge 1 commit into master
FoodAndDrink: merge 25 commits into master
FreeToPlay: merge 7 commits into master
RuneRebels: merge 1 commit into master
Smithing: merge 8 commits into master
Wilderness: merge 4 commits into master

Total: 94 commits

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Re: RuneRebels Calvera Hotpatch (
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2019, 08:57:16 pm »
poof theyre gone


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Re: RuneRebels Calvera Hotpatch (
« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2019, 09:49:12 am »
great to see hotpatches! :)