Author Topic: Buying Plethora of Items  (Read 5141 times)


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Buying Plethora of Items
« on: October 16, 2018, 09:53:04 am »
All gems, cut or uncut  1k-5k, 50k dstone
arrow shafts, feathers, headless arrows, and arrows tips 5-20 gp ea headless arrows up to 400 gp ea
all growable seeds     100-5k
pinapples, watermellons, supercomposts 200 ea or more
any and all herbs, vials of water, empty vials 100 ea or more
limpwurt root, chocolate, chocolate dust, unicorn horn, unicorn dust, blue dragon scale or dust, red spider eggs    secondaries 200-2k ea
eye of newts, wine of zamorak, whiteberries, jengerberries, snape grass
all uncooked fish
any and all logs
any and all ores
all smithing bars, including gold and silver
i'll buy charged or uncharged jewelry too
i will pay big for dragonhide of any color, same with dragon bones. 2k per hide
buying flax, bowstrings, seaweed, and balls of wool will pay more the more you have


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Re: Buying Plethora of Items
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2018, 12:43:24 am »
If you are still buying this "plethora" of items, please let me know, I have quite a lot of this "plethora" you may want to look at. ;) also looking to get my hands on some better gear for training purposes..