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Knights of the Dark Tide
« on: June 01, 2017, 08:41:36 pm »


What is the Knights of the Dark Tide?

- The Knights of the Dark Tide is a gaming clan that originated from a modification for a game called Half Life, named Master Sword: Continued v1.2 !

How does someone Join the Dark Tide?

- In order to become a Knight, you must apply through an application here in the comments of this forum clan post with a easy-do format.

- You must have a Combat Level of 15 aswell - to make sure you know your way around the game, and have joined our public discord and await verification there..

Application Format

- Your In-Game Name
- Steam ID, or URL if you have one
- Discord Username and #ID
- In-Game Combat Level
- Do you have any previous runescape experiences, (Jagex LTD. or other private servers?)
- Are you able to provide for your members when the time is right and needed the most?, and to respect the discord rules and acts of loyalty? (YES/NO)

Our rules of conduct!

- No recruiting in the open, if people want to join - they may through a in-game/forum/discord PM
(This prevents arguements and disputes between other clans.)
- No harassing other clans, especially during a PvP battle if scheduled and participated.
- No undercutting or harassing others during trade
- Respect all Staff, of the Dev Team, their discord, and ours.
- Respect all other clan members like a family.

Discord Link


Now Knights, go turn the Tide!
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