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My Little Pony: FIM V2

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I honestly have no idea, I've just been hopping around different rsps's I joined in the past today and I just stumbled upon this again and found my precious thread was gone.

The Vanguard:
Bronies only make MLP threads on non related websites for two reasons, to get attention, or in case they get abuse so they can moan about how hated they are and insult others.

You do not play the game, and there are probably hundreds of MLP websites, go make threads on those.

okay guy who is totally a moderator and has complete control over my account

D E A T H:

I don't entirely grasp the concept of why you are here as well. I mean you don't even talk about the RSPS, you just sort of go from RSPS to RSPS talking about my little pony for no reason whatsoever. What is the point in this at all?


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