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RuneRebels Sirius 3 (2.9.9) - Dragon Crystal & Merlin's Slayer!

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Less than two weeks had passed since the team returned from their epic journey to the Slayer Tower, and Bill hadn't been seen since they returned. "Do you know where Bill has been?" asked Bailey as he took a hit of his new Elvarg FireVape™. "I saw him head into the Quest Library when you guys got back" said Alex from under the couch. "What are you doing down there?" asked Ryan. "I'm just doing some studying, I don't want to get in trouble at school again. My teacher is a Dragon, and she lit my ass up the last time I failed a task" replied Alex. Just as Alex opened his mouth to start another sentence, the door to the Quest Library burst open as a frantic Bill ran out of the room. "I FINISHED THEM!" exclaimed Bill. It looked like he had been working for days straight without sleep, and he was wearing a bizarre outfit that consisted of both a shirt and shorts that were clearly too small for him. He had entirely lost his mind at this point. "Finished what?" questioned Alex. "Dragon Crystal & Merlin's Slayer!!!" replied Bill as he fell to the floor with a loud thud. After absorbing what just happened, Bailey poked the now unconscious Bill with an Air Staff. "Welp, he is out cold" observed Bailey as he picked up the two scrolls Bill was carrying. "Wow, these actually look finished. Guess we should deliver them to the players!" said Bailey.

Hello players! We are extremely happy to launch an update this month ahead of our normal schedule. You've probably seen that many of our previous updates contained a multitude of enhancements to our tools, and that we have hinted at a lot of content moving through our development pipeline. We've been working on these two quests, especially Dragon Slayer, for quite some time now and are extremely excited to finally launch them. The enhancements made to our system and tools in order to make these quests possible will allow us to develop future quests even faster, and we hope that you enjoy them!
- The RuneRebels Dev Team

Message from Bill:
Love you guys. You guys are awesome. You keep the game going for us and give us more motivation to want to push out these updates. Even though it's just a few of you it's still worth it. And it's always a great time doing it! More awesome updates are to come in the near future so I hope you guys enjoy the content!

• Converted all of the existing bosses to use the new boss API.
• Increased the timer before Count Draynor retreats.
• Added the logic for Melzar the Mad.

• Fixed a race condition in the loading code.

Core Engine:
• Fixed the gate to Elvarg's lair.
• Made beehives work.

• Added Antifire potions.

• Added despawn timer for DynamicItem and DymanicObject.
• Added TickDelay step.
• Added support for late triggering substeps.

Npc Spawns:
• Added Dragonfire to Dragons - beware!
• Added all Crandor Npc spawns.

• Added support for tick delays.
• Created a unified Boss API.
• Added block sound to Npcs when they get hit with 0 damage.

• Added engine support for unlocking music. This also greatly reduces the amount of packets sent to the client on login, as previously one packet was sent per music track to change the color of the text to green.
• Fixed the music in Crandor dungeon.
• Added the correct music for Zanaris.

• Added telegrab sound for old engine clients.
• Added sounds for some combat stat draining spells.

• Added support for blacklisting Npcs from dialogue generation.

Special Attacks:
• Added the special attack for Excalibur.
• Fixed a bug that caused all ranged weapon special attacks to become non-functional.

• Fixed being unable to attack Cave bugs.
• Added Firemaking requirements for Harpie Swarm.

• Fixed a bug where spam clicking the viewing orb interface could cause more than one orb location to turn white.
• Added the red skull effect to the winner of the Fight Pits.

• Added the Dragon Slayer quest!
• Added the Merlin's Crystal quest!

--- Code: ---Marshmallow's summary for the Sirius-3 release:

Game Engine:
RuneScape Blitz: merge 96 commits into master

AllGoFree: merge 1 commit into master
Blitz API: merge 43 commits into master
Core AllGoFree: merge 3 commits into master

Areas: merge 7 commits into master
Bosses: merge 41 commits into master
Clue Scrolls: merge 2 commits into master
Commands: merge 13 commits into master
Core 317 Clipping: merge 1 commit into master
Core Engine: merge 32 commits into master
Documentation: merge 32 commits into master
Fishing: merge 14 commits into master
FreeToPlay: merge 2 commits into master
Herblore: merge 5 commits into master
ItemSpawns: merge 77 commits into master
Karamja: merge 5 commits into master
Magic: merge 21 commits into master
Moles: merge 1 commit into master
ObjectScripts: merge 1 commit into master
Quests: merge 11 commits into master
RuneRebels: merge 219 commits into master
Shops: merge 6 commits into master
Slayer: merge 9 commits into master
Woodcutting: merge 2 commits into master


AllGoFree RS Cache: merge 5 commits into master
AllGoFree Tools: merge 14 commits into master

Total: 663 commits

--- End code ---

If anyone doesn't enjoy this, I'm going to smite pk you.
Freaking amazing! Show the devs some love people!

great updates as always and very frequent!!  ;D

So goddamn amazing. Thank you.



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