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1000 air runes 7k                                 60,000 bronze arrows    7-10gp each
1000 fire runes 7k                                29,000 iron arrows        25 gp each
1000 water runes 6k                             10,000 steel arrows       60 gp each
1000 earth runes 6k                             16,000 mithril arrows      110 each                 
                                                           14,000 adamant arrows    200 each
10,000 air runes 75k                              4,500 rune arrows            420 each
10,000 fire runes 75k                             8,000 broad arrows            75gp each
10,000 water runes 60k
10,000 earth runes 60k

100,000 water runes for 700k

1000 body runes 6k
10,000 body runes 60k

1000 mind runes 6k
10,000 mind runes 65k

1000 chaos runes 120k
1000 death runes 350k
1000 blood runes 750k

10,000 chaos runes 1300k
10,000 death runes 4000k

Prayer potions 12k each
Super Restore potions 15k each
Super attack potions 7k each
Super Strength potions 9k each
super Defence potions 10k each

raw sharks 1k each

amulet of magic 7k
amulet of strength 10k
amulet of power    15k
ring of life            9k
games necklace and dueling rings 5k each

black mystic robe bottom 1.5m
black mystic hat 900k
granite maul 2m

guam seeds 700gp ea
marrentil seeds 500gp ea
tarromin seeds 1k ea
harralandar seeds 3k ea
rannar seeds 50k ea
280 avantoe seeds at 3k ea

Still looking to buy runes, rune/broad arrows
Hit me up.

Dat blue text successfully raped my eyes.

sorry sire muse


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