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Good day sires! thank you for taking the time to look at my post! i would like to purchase the listed items. prices of course negotiable
weapons / armor
abyssal whip  - - offer 5m cash + variable items
toktz-ket-xil (obby shield) 300k - 1000kcash
dragon medium helmet - 300k - 700k cash
runite boots  -  200k - 1000k cash
obsidian cape   - 500k - 1500k cash

skilling stuff!
all ores, all bars.
raw fish of most kinds
all kinds of logs
all seeds that work. ask me in game. will pay graciously for seeds i need. whiteberry, watermellon, strawberry, rannar and better, poison ivy seeds, limpwurt seeds.
all herbs. grimy or not, in a vial or not, will pay extra for unf.
all herblore secondaries. will pay many for these!
will pay lots for dragonhides, dragon bones, gems, cut or uncut, all hides, cowhides snakehides, seaweed, buckets of sand crafting stuff.
 pure essence  base price is 200 each i think? willing to pay 300 ea +++++

I think your offered price on d med is a bit low considering rarity.
Other than that, i hope you get what you are looking for :)


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