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How to play RuneRebels on Linux


Step 1: Make sure you have a JRE installed
Step 1.1: If you're awesome and you use Arch Linux, the open-jdk JRE seems to get the job done (install it via Pacman)
Edit: It seems that the OpenJDK has a weird bug; right clicks are registered as left clicks. I've ditched OpenJDK for Oracle, and everything seems to be working fine.

Step 2: Download the client here:
Step 3: Unzip the file
Step 4: View the contents of "RuneRebels/Run.bat", here's what it looked like to me on 2018-11-17:

--- Code: ---title RuneRebels
java -Xmx256M -jar .\jar\loader.jar -configurl

--- End code ---

All you care about is the command that invokes Java. Let's make a bash script that runs the command:

--- Code: ---#!/usr/bin/env bash

java -Xmx256M -jar ~/path/to/jar/loader.jar -configurl

--- End code ---

Note you'll want to replace "~/path/to/jar/loader.jar" with the actual path relative to the bash script.

Once that's done, chmod your bash script and run it:

--- Code: ---sudo chmod +x

--- End code ---

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