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I'm sure this will be a grind, but i would like to see the mage training arena come out soon. with mystic as the best mage gear we need something new, i think infinity fits that bill perfectly. i think this should be released before barrows, or else this gear will be totally worthless compared to ahrims. with this being said. we will also be able to access the wands, along with other rewards.

in conjunction to this, i think the mage arena in 55 wildy should be coded in as well. the challenge is not that hard and it's always been fun and exciting and who doesn't love that god cape at the end?

let me know what you guys think.

i'm just suggesting to aim for a more suitable buildup. again releasing the whip before other dragon weapons. now nobody is ever going to use things like a dba or dmace

Oi i will use dba and d mace because i play dis server for reasons >_>
im kinda noob, was running wit r scim when everyone bought their dds from some suspicous Mr Merchant before Lost City was added, HONORABRU RUNEREBEL

Also the team focuses more on quests now instead of minigames or items, Slayer Tower was just a nice surprise along with Priest in Peril and i think its better to be thankful there are any updates compared to when there were none..

@muse but obby mace was always best in slot before whip. dds was just for spec lelel. #

Rune scim is cult and NOTHING can replace it lmao

Back in my day rune scims were 250k each.


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