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immoral death
« on: October 28, 2018, 02:31:01 pm »
that good ol' dissconnection keeps getting me. then i always happen to be fighting gargoyles or zygomites or something that my guy can't kill without me clicking so i log in to all my hard earned gear lost, again and again. and again.

then the ring of life decides when it wants to work. still studying this. it appears the ring of life goes off the the monster's hp that your fighting. example is when i slay black dragons, i can teleport as high as 27 hit points, with a total of 83. then i was at banshees and i teleported at 6 hp
hellhounds i teleported i think at 18 hp
blue dragons teleport me around 17 hp
and i think green dragons teleport me at 11
but i found the most odd was the black dragon at 27.