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Reporting a bug![see how to do it]


1. Post a topic, with a title referring to the bug, or bugs you are experiencing!
2. Post how exactly you encountered this bug, if you can do it again, or if it was a one time deal.

If it has to do with doors:

If it has to do with stairs/ladders:
Post the object ID, coordinates, and what's wrong with it (goes to a strange land, doesn't work, etc)
ex. (11732) (3048,3352) It tele's me to level 5 wilderness! I don't understand why you would be so mean!

If it has to do with an invalid music request:
Post the area you are in, and where about it happens
ex. North of falador, around ice mountain, after you go up the stairs north of fally

If it has to do with NPC's:
Post the NPC ID, where it is located at, and what is wrong with it(multiple spawns on top of each other, wrong drops, no drops, no animations)
(444)(445), goblin village, no attack animation!

If it has to do with items:
Post the Item ID, and what is wrong with it(doesn't fit in the right slot, wrong bonuses, no bonuses, etc)
(1420), gives a stab bonus, but no crush bonus!

This will severely help us out, thanks :3


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