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Edub's 99 Mining and Smithing Party

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Hello guys,

I cannot believe the day has finally come where I will be able to become the first player to obtain 99 mining and 99 smithing. This has been a very long and challenging journey over the last 5 years. As much of an achievement as this will be for me I could have not done this with all of the help and support I have received from this community. Not only did I believe in myself but everyone else believed in me as well.

I am planning on having this event on Saturday February 17th at around 2pm EST. This date and time is not completely set in stone but based on the responses I received in the last post, I decided to choose this weekend to host this event. If something were to change I will update this thread accordingly. I will be dropping some items in the Seer's Party room and afterwards I am hoping everyone could join me in some mini-games like Castlewars and the Fight Pits. Anyone else who wishes to drop items can do so as well after I finish up.

I have some small asks from devs in spawning Bob (skillcape cat), along with an anvil and a rune rock in the Seers Party Room so everyone does not have to go far to see the show. I look foward to seeing everyone and I hope that this will be the best community event that we've had in years.

Countdown until the drop party:

Yours Truly,


Really hope I can make it out to this! Sounds exciting. I will bring up your request with the higher ups and see what they can do!

See you there, Edub, and everyone who will go.  As second active miner and smither, and p-mod, if for some odd reason I can't hotspot, big congrats.  If I'm there, it is too bad you can't lamp up to the 99's.  Either way....

I wouldn't miss it for the world bro :)

I have a suggestion, you could login at that exact time the 2 nights before so those that aren't good with timezone conversions could login and estimate when they would be expecting you'd be up? Would be a nice way to ensure attendance.
P.s Also consider being logged in before and after to inform people if they were an hour early or an hour behind.
See you there!


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