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Update Pack #6!

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Update Pack #6

Engine version 65:
   - Added support for DynamicText in SendMessage steps in Npc Dialogue.
   - Added support to directly load .rrd (RuneRebels Dialogue) files created in the dialogue editor.
   - Sped up the response to clicking on objects.
   - Made member's only item options only work on member's worlds.
   - Sped up the response to clicking on ground items.

Core All Engine plugin version 5.
   - Added support for level up messages. (Example: Members can now fish for Anchovies)
      - However, they all need to be added to the database, and we are working on that!

Doors plugin version 2.
   - Added support for the "Kevin" door system!
   - After 5 minutes, doors in the new format revert to their default position.
   - Added ::resetdoors command.
   - Added the gate to the cows in Lumbridge.

Engine version 64.
   - Added LevelUpContinueEvent.

Core 317 version 8.
   - Made the level up handler fire off a LevelUpContinueEvent event when the "Click here to continue" button is pressed, so that Core All Engine can catch it and display the level up messages!
   - Fixed a bug where Npc heads were distorted after displaying an item chat.

Castle Wars plugin version 10.
   - Disabled Castle Wars on Free to Play.

Dueling plugin version 7.
   - Disabled Dueling on Free to Play.

Command plugin version 14.
   - Updated the ::clone command.
   - Added ::listclones command.
   - Added ::clearclones command.
   - Added ::archive command.
   - Added ::portsarim command for Administrators.

RuneRebels plugin.
   - Disabled commands for regular players.
   - XP Rate set to 3X RuneScape.

Client version 6.
   - Added automatic updating to the client.

Tutorial island version 3.
   - Fixed a bug where yells would interrupt the tutorial.

Emotes plugin version 3.
   - Removed the skill cape emote button.

Free to play plugin version 5.
   - Restricted players to the Free to Play map of the game.
   - Added ::freeroam for Administartors.
   - Fixed the bug where Cows and Sheep would Moo and Baa in unison.
   - Made the Brass Key work on the door to the Hill Giants dungeon.
   Port Sarim:
      - Added dialogue for Betty.
      - Added dialogue for Brian.
      - Added dialogue for Grum.
      - Added dialogue for Ahab.
      - Added dialogue for the Monks.
      - Added dialogue for Redbeard.
      - Added dialogue for Gerrant.
      - Added dialogue for Longbow.

      - Added dialogue for Men.
      - Added dialogue for Women.
      - Added dialogue for Hans.

   Al Kharid:
      - Added dialogue for Ali the Camel.
      - Added dialogue for Zeke.
      - Added dialogue for Ollie the Camel.
      - Added dialogue for Gem Trader.
      - Added dialogue for Cam the Camel.
      - Added dialogue for Louie Legs.
      - Added dialogue for Raneal.
      - Added dialogue for Dommik.

   Lumbridge Swamp:
      - Added dialogue for the Archer.
      - Added dialogue for the Warrior.
      - Added dialogue for the Monk.
      - Added dialogue for the Wizard.
      - Added dialogue for Father Urhney.

Oh yeah! 8)

So many updates, Great job.

So many updates, awesome.

Great work! Keep it up.


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