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Rules *Updated*
« on: January 07, 2017, 08:07:39 pm »
We got to looking at the rules, and a lot of them are very outdated. We're not trying to rule with an iron fist, we just want everyone to enjoy their time here. These rules apply to both the forums and in-game.

Rule #1 - Spamming -
Please do not make any type of spam posts on the forums such as topics about the server status, or multiple topics about the same thing. in addition, please don't gravedig topics that are more than one month old. Please refrain from spamming the in-game chat window as well.

Rule #2 - Botting, Scamming, Hacking, and Bug abuse -
In regards to botting, hacking, and abusing bugs; just don't do it. If you find a bug in-game, report it in the proper forum, if the account is not yours, don't try and get it, and if you feel like you have to bot to reach a certain stat level you're playing the wrong type of game. Account sharing is not encouraged, but is allowed. Don't scam other players, and if something's too good to be true it probably is so don't fall for it. Items and accounts will NOT be returned if lost.

Rule #3 - Advertising -
We don't advertise on any other RSPS server, and we don't want you advertising on ours. We're not a top site or a hub.

Rule #4 - Encouraging Rule Breaking -
Don't encourage anyone else to break any of the aforementioned rules. Doing so will net you the same punishment as them.
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