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Net Neutrality video


For those that don't quite understand Net Neutrality.

EDIT: There is supposed to be a youtube window here, but all of my efforts to put it here do nothing.  On a side note, could someone post a tutorial on how this is done properly?  One other excuse as to why a tutorial for you tube is needed is due to Simple Machine Forums own wiki can't help me with how to post the correct format for the video as their wiki seems to be broken when showing all of the bbc code for all of the things users can do here.

For anyone that can't see the video, here's a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQ9E0db8-lU


Mmm not working for me either

As far as I know I do have the right syntax, but I don't see the video.  Your youtube embedding, Slayer, actually has an error while mine doesn't.  Maybe the switch to https may have something to do with the problem.


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