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Hey guys :3

I'd like to ask you to post all missing npc's that you're aware off right here :)

~ Slayur

The guy in front of the fight caves

Okay here we go,

*Note, All F2P Quests have been added to their regions.
Note* Seeing as the two legends quest NPC's are added I'm going to name the NPC's that are in quests. I'm listing all NPC's that I know are missing whether they would serve a purpose if added or not.


The Witch from Witches House Quest (who walks her courtyard)
The boy who lost his ball (same quest)

Seers Village;

A woman (Level-2) from the seers village bar. (There also might be another Man (Level-2) + Woman (Level-2) as well), The Poison Salesman. (from Murder Mystery)
Tomato Tramp
Sinclair Mansion;
   Gossip (Right outside)
   1 Cow (Level-2) (Dairy Cow is already there)
   4 Rats (Level-2)
   3 Chickens (Level-1)
   Guard Dog
   Anna Sinclair
   David Sinclair
   Frank Sinclair
   Carol Sinclair
   Elizabeth Sinclair
   Bob Sinclair
   Donovan the Family Handyman
   2 or 3 Guards (Non-Attackable)
Fishing Contest;
   Austri (Taverly Side Shortcut, Quest Starter)
Granpda Jack (Glassblowing Pipe House)
   Bonzo (@ Contest area)
   Sinister Stranger (@ Contest area)
The Wolves (Level-64) between Rellekka and Seers Village

Ardougne + West Ardougne (Outside Wall);

Flying Horse Inn (Bar outside of West Ardougne Wall);
Lucien (in the Flying Horse Inn, Ardougne)
Bartender, Flying Horse Inn (Outside of West Ardougne)
West Ardougne Wall & Gnomes;
Edmond and Alerna (Plague City Quest, Outside of West Ardougne wall)
The Mourners (I think they're here) 2 or 3 in the tower and 2 guarding the large gates to West Ardougne.
Omart (Biohazard Quest) The end of West Ardougne wall, south of the gate.
Jerico (Biohazard Quest) in a house South of Ardougne's North Bank.
Ceril Carnillian in his house right next to Omart, West Ardougne Wall. (Hazeel's Cult)
Butler Jones, Same house as Ceril (Hazeel's Cult)
South of the Wall & Battlefield;
   Commander Montai (Tree Gnome Village Quest)
   Lieutenant Schepbur (TGV Quest)
A lot of Gnome Troops, Mounted Terrorbird Gnomes,
Khazard Troopers,
Khazard Warlord,
Khazard Commander,
And finally a tortoise (I think these were 06, not sure though)
The Three ‘Tracker’ Gnomes (Tree Gnome Village Quest)
   1st NW of Khazard Stronghold
   2nd E of Stronghold
   3rd SW of Stronghold
The Gnome Maze & Tree Gnome Village;
2 Wolfs
   6 small rats (Level-2)
   2 Giant Rats
   10 Small spiders
   Black Bear
   3 Hill Giants
   11 Goblins
Tree Gnome Village:
   King Borlen

Goblin Village (North of Castle Wars)
   There is a small village with 5-8 goblins (Level-5)? Not sure on level.
Guard Dog at Hadelmort’s Mansion

North of Ardougne Bank (North Bank) & Baxtorian Falls;
3 or 4 Warrior Woman (Level-24) (There is currently one)
Rasolo (The Wandering Salesman near Baxotorian Falls)
Waterfall Quest;
   Almera (Quest Starter)
   Hudon (Her son)
Barbarian Agility Course;
   8 or so Barbarians in the ‘First Area’
   Barbarian Guard (Starts Bar Crawl minigame)

Varrock & Romeo and Juliet & Shield of Arrav & Demon Slayer Quest;
     More guards upstairs 2nd floor in palace (not sure if this is true I just think there are more than 3.)
     There are 2 bartenders in varrock’s blue moon inn
     Dancing Donkey Inn missing Thief (Level-16)
     *The Black Arm Gang Hideout is UNLOCKED*
     Black Knight missing on way to Edgeville
     Imp missing on way to Edgeville
     Bear missing on way to Edgeville
Romeo and Juliet;
     The stairs to the upstairs of Juliet’s house do not work.
     Assuming it’s not added at all,
     Juliet is missing from the balcony.
     Phillipa, Juliet’s cousin is also on the second floor balcony.
Demon Slayer Quest;
     The NW (and NE) stairs in Varrock Palace don’t work (The NW set Leads to Captain Rovin, for
     Demon Slayer Quest.)
     Captain Rovin is missing from the 3rd floor NW corner tower in the Varrock Palace.
     Delrith after he is summoned by the dark mages (after cut scene).
Shield of Arrav;
     Phoenix Gang Ladder is broken.
     NPC Straven is in the Phoenix Gang Lair
     5 or 6 Thieves are within the Phoenix Gang Lair
     Johnny the Beard is in the Blue Moon Inn when joining the Phoenix Gang
     The Weaponmaster is also in the Phoenix Lair when joining the Black Arm Gang

House with people in it, Noted to check how many Men / Woman (Level-2) are inside.

Yanille & Feldip Hills & Watchtower;

     Tomato Tramp
     The Drunken Captain (Yanille Bar)
     2 or 3 Ogres and 2 wolves south of yanille.
     Ogre across the bridge right before entering Feldip.

Watchtower Quest;
   Ladder needs fix
   Climbing Rocks (North side of tower) needs fix
   4 Ardougne type guards (Level-20) on second floor (one is outside of building on the wall)
   Mages on third floor, including Watch Tower Wizard (Start for Watchtower Quest)
   Watchmen on the bottom level of the watch tower.

Castle Wars & Zogres
     5 ogres (currently 4)
     The broken house has 4 ogres (Level-53)

Zogre Flesh Eaters;
     Ogre Guard (Grish sends you to this NPC)
     Zogres within Jiggig need to be added.
     Injured Ogres need to be added outside of the infected area.

Lumbridge & Al Kharid & Cooks Assistant & Prince Ali Rescue;
Sigmund is missing from Duke Horacio’s room within Lumbridge Castle.
A man (Level-2) inhabits the room next to the Duke.
Cooks Assistant has all NPC’s needed to be completed.
Prince Ali Rescue;
      Seems all the NPC’s are in-game & ready to go for this quest.

Draynor Village & Ernest the Chicken & Vampire Slayer;
From what I can tell, The Draynor Manor in its entirety is complete (The 3rd floor being inaccessible as well as the underground), yes the front door is locked but the side door is open so I let myself in.
But for the sake of a complete guide of missing npc’s and glitches that accompany their areas, on the third floor of the manor we have;

Ernest the Chicken;
     Professor Oddenstein
     A chicken (Ernest’s Chicken form)
*Note – Something I noticed was that on the second floor of the manor, the fish food spawns before the quest is started. (Which it shouldn’t until the quest is started.)
     The two or three possessed trees don’t strike when you walk by.

 Vampire Slayer;   
     All NPC’s for this quest are in-game other than the Vampire (which is inaccessible by stairs)
     And we have the coffin and the Vampire sleeping within in the basement.

Goblin Village & Goblin Diplomacy;
     Seems as if all NPC’s needed to complete the quest are present.
     Goblins should be fighting before the quest is finished yelling something like “Red!” &
     “No, Green best!” depending on their armor color.
     I’m sure that dialogue is floating somewhere around the internet.

Rimmington & The Knights Sword & Pirates Treasure & Witch’s Potion;

The Knights Sword;
     Seems all the NPC’s are in-game & ready to go for this quest.
Pirate’s Treasure;
     Seems all the NPC’s are in-game & ready to go for this quest.
Witch’s Potion;
     All NPC’s are set & ready for the quest.

Lumbridge Swamp & The Restless Ghost;
     I’m not sure if there are supposed to be 8 giant rats all around the zanaris shed.
The Restless Ghost;
     The Ghost releasing from the coffin when coffin is opened (Ghost without head).
     The Altar in the basement of the Wizards Tower (With the skull on it)
     And the skeleton that attacks you after you take the skull from the altar.
     Then once the skull is returned, the ‘Ghost with head’ NPC is needed before quest complete.

-Chaos druids in the blood tower //chaos druid tower
-Ogres east of Castle wars (supposed to be 5)

-Ogres East of Castle Wars (on the island)
(Supposed to be 5)

-House north of ogres
Needs a total of 4 level 53 ogres
and a ogre 'chieftain' named "Og"

-Colonel Raddick - @ Yanille Gate *?* MAYBE

-After entering the gate there are supposed to be 4 soldiers

-Yanille Pub (South)
Guard Captain (drunk one)

- Frenita Missing Jug of water itemspawn on the northern table (left side of the table)

-Tool Leprechaun Near farming patch
-Tramp south of the Cages (near box with Rotten tomatoes)


--- Quote from: Slayer on April 16, 2014, 08:48:23 am ---Blood tower (Kandarin/Ardougne)
The door is locked and requires level 46 Thieving to open.
There is supposed to be 4 chaos druids on the ground floor
In the basement there is supposed to be 5 giant bats and 7 ogres aswell as two blood chests.
The blood chests require 59 Thieving and will teleport you to a random spot in Ardougne when looted aswell as award you with 500 gp and 2 blood runes and 250 thieving exp. (if you only can add one drop make it the runes)

--- End quote ---
Dark wizard's tower (Asgarnia/Falador)
Dark wizards are missing but i'm not sure how many.
Staircase (11888) (2907,3334) is broken


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