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Please post missing content here, so we can add it!

Just a few quick guidelines:

1. Don't post content in cities that are not added yet. We're aware of what cities\towns are not added in.

2. Please look before you post. Don't post the same thing over and over again.

Thank you!

D spear spec -Sento
Plant cures can't be emptied -HeavyB

Im Baked:


--- Quote from: Prayer on February 01, 2014, 10:53:07 am ---D spear spec -Sento
Plant cures can't be emptied -HeavyB

--- End quote ---
d spec animation too :3
-Broad Arrows
-Magic Longbow Spec
-Ardy Gen store (wrong items in stock)
-Empty Sack (to fill it with stuff -> Farming)
-Seers fishing spot (
-Varrock sewers -> Can't slice the web
-Cant trade mole skin / claws for bird nests @ wyso the gardener
some more D:

To add onto Sento about the Ardy shop, (it sells vials of water)

- Boneyard in the wild. I don't know where to find a map of it that shows all the spawns but it's still around on 07rs

- I don't think the spiderwebs at the Lava Maze and Mage Arena work

- Most if not all NPC's missing south of East Ardougne

- Mage Training Arena!!!!!

- Pest Control someday this year. You guys were working on it but I haven't heard anything about it since.

- Ogres at Combat Training Camp (Just South East of Tree Gnome Stronghold). Also the gate to open the prison so players can pick up arrows. It's a popular spot for rangers.

- McGrubor's Wood. Just North of the Ranging Guild. There should be an NPC guarding the gate saying you can't trespass. The gate doesn't open anyhow but there's a loose-railing behind the place the player can squeeze through (No agility required) to enter. There are some Dwellberries spawns, guard dogs, and clickable plant vines that gives Red Vine Worms.

- Npc's on the west part of East Ardougne such as the castle

- The ability to go to Entrana

- The Altar of Guthix where you start Druidic Ritual (Must complete the quest to use it)

- Edgeville Dungeon (Where the bandits and chaos druids are) should be considered the wild and all monsters should be aggressive regardless of your combat level.

- Tree Gnome Village should be available even without agility

- Tzhaar Furnace doesn't work

Moar stuff later


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