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New to the server? Read this.


First of all i would like to Welcome you to RuneRebels. I'm sure you will make a nice addition to our community.
I will provide some handy links in this thread and hopefully some useful advice to get yourself at home.

Game/Forum Rules
Read the rules and abide by them or Famoo will strike.

Latest Updates
See what shenanigans the Developers have been up to lately.

Official RuneRebels Discord
We have an official RuneRebels Discord server that everyone is a part of.
You can easily reach any staff member on the Discord server as well, so make sure you're a part of that!

If you need help feel free to ask any Player Moderator or Veteran player.

Tech Support

Hope to see you in-game!


--- Quote from: Tiellanor on June 02, 2013, 03:01:52 pm ---If you need help feel free to ask Prayer or any Player mod or Veteran player.

--- End quote ---

Fixed that for you  :)
,also put spaces between the links so it won't be confusing.

I think this will really help out the newbies who come here to introduce themselves to the community, and I believe this deserves a sticky.

Yea thanks for this post, it will really help out the newbies :)

I'm a noob. Invest in me.  :)


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