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Well, here I am, long off RS, on to RuneRebels.  I'd hope I can at least manage to get back up to the level 60 spread and beyond to a level 70 spread goal, since experience rates are 2x.  I was at with a 35 mil gp item capital and gold pieces in the bank and I hope to reach that.  Here's my list of goals to update and progress towards, simple, concise, and manageable.  The blitz error was resolved, so I'm concentrating on Garnu.  I'm working on all trainable skills, that is able to gain exp without the aid of exp lamps.

News: I'm currently homeless and can only play for limited times.  For now I'll be updating images & my bugs list when I have free time.  Until I have a place to call home I have to keep my play time short.

Unreleased/Unfinished     Progressing    CompletedSkill NameCurrent LevelAttack70Defence68Strength69Hitpoints71Ranged61Prayer52Magic66Cooking81Woodcutting76Fletching70Fishing79Firemaking64Crafting64Smithing80Mining87Herblore54Agility69Thieving76Slayer54Farming59Runecrafting54Total Level1428
Raw Assets AmountEstimated Invested CapitalTotal Bank Worth211,6921,137,4751,349,167
Images as of May 31st, 2017 of Garnu     Xaches August 12th, 2013        Grisful August 12th, 2013         Garnu Thorn August 12th, 2013
Xaches's Bank                                                                        Grisful's Bank
Garnu Thorn's Bank

Garnu's Bank

Disclaimer: Price Calculation of bank worth based on price as if high alching, hence a quick and dirty liquidation.  Prices absolutely do not reflect player market value whatsoever and are based on accessible information on high alchemy nets using player created natures for no loss in player bought natures; on hand natures are calculated as worth something as well!  Assets and Capitol are Every Account I Operate combined.

Stats and bank images updated.  Until Garnu is fixed I'll be updating Xaches' and total bank worth only as I accumulate bank worth and other stats.

Good stuff Garnu! Keep it up! :)

Good luck on this!

I've updated a long overdue inventory and screen ripping fest.  All my characters stats and banks are on display.  My short goal of 60 has been reached for three stats and I will revert stats when I get every stat at 60 or above.  This will continue until 99 in everything trainable.

Mining and smithing are high priority, though, I do want those levels as first to 99, but I will work on others to get my goal done.  Hey!  I broke 1 mil bank combined!

Updated pics, all of them, even the ones I don't normally put up.  Comment on style of bank rips, please.


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