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10x experience rate?? Really??

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title says it all why is there a 10x experience rate in a supposed "remake"?

They set it to that for beta testing, so it's easier for players to train levels and find more bugs.

Someone spends a lot of time reading things carefully.

Even when it is released its still going to be 2.5x quicker isn't it?

We talked about that but we decided that the xp rate should be set at 10x that of RuneScape's for the duration of the Beta as we don't want you guys to spend all day to gain a few levels, plus, you still feel the experience, just at a faster rate. After the release, we talked about doing either 2.5x or 3x since everyone will be starting over. Also, a 1x xp rate takes too long and discourages players from actually playing the game.
Edited it because it didn't really make sense..  ::)


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