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Cheshire Cat:
Got a farming bug to report? Post it here so we can keep it compact. :)

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(Fixed) - Bug has been fully fixed.
(Need to confirm)  Bug reported, but not confirmed.
(Still bugged) Bug is still in game.

#1. Leveling farming does not show the correct icon. (Still bugged)

#2. Farming messages haven't been updated/dialog for farmers is missing. (Still bugged)

--- Quote from: Charles on March 04, 2014, 11:55:27 am ---

--- End quote ---

#3. Tool Leprechaun is missing, he was added in 2005. (Still bugged)

--- Quote ---Release date   5 December 2005 (Update)
--- End quote ---

#4. Sacks are not added server sided. (Still bugged)

#5. Baskets missing from shops (needed for paying protection for plants). Also Gardeners do not recognize when plants are available to be protected. (Reported by DesertRain) (Still bugged)

#6. Wrong animation when harvesting Allotments, should be digging emote used when you dig with a spade. Correct animation ID: 831. (Still bugged)

#7. No animation for cure disease. Correct animation ID: 2285 (Still bugged)
-No current animation so no image needed-

#8. Wrong animation for picking from the flower plot. Uses same animation ID as all farming harvests, can not find the correct ID for this one. (Still bugged)
-Same animation as others, no image needed-

#9. When harvesting from a plot you must click for each item you get from said plot. This should be done automatically. (Still bugged)

#10. Every farming patch can be harvested without proper tools. (Still bugged)

#11. Missing animation for filling and emptying compost bins. (Still bugged)

#12. You should not be able to remove fully grown farming patches. (Still bug)

#13. Composts don't effect the harvest rates of crops correctly. (Need to confirm)

#14. Protection flowers such as Nasturtium (protects watermelon) and White Lily (protects all crops) do not work. (Reported by Lancer) (Need to confirm)

#15. Once crops have fully grown they should not be able to die, they currently can. (Reported by Lancer) (Still bugged)

#16. Watering cans can not be combined (transferring water from one to another) and can not be refilled by water fountains. (Reported by Lancer) (Watering cans can now be filled by fountains.) (Half solved)

#17. Leveling farming does not play "level up" music. (Still bugged)

#18. Taverly tree patch can not be raked.  (Reported by Rachell) (Need to confirm)

#19. Sarah's farm shop south of Falador does not work.  (Reported by Rachell) (Need to confirm)

#20. Compost bin timers need adjustment. Should be 30-50 minutes.  (Reported by Rachell)
(Need to confirm)

#21. You can harvest crops with a full inventory. (Still bugged)

#22. Planting Bush Patch south of Ardougne shows Poison Ivy Bushes graphically when Red Bush seeds are planted.  (Reported by Garnu Thorn) (Need to confirm)

#23. Not all items that should be able to be used for compost, can be.  (Reported by Rachell) (Still bugged)

--- Quote ---Compost

Potatoes, Tomatoes, Onions, Cabbages, Corn, Weeds, all hops, Apples, Oranges, Bananas, Lemons, Limes, Strawberries, Redberries, Cadavaberries, Dwellberries, Marigolds, Rosemary, Nasturtiums, Woad leaves, Limpwurt roots, herbs under Ranarr, Irit leaves, Curry leaves, Bird nests, Flax.

Super compost
Any herb Avantoe or higher, Toadflax, Jangerberries, Watermelons, Pineapples, any tree root, Bittercap mushrooms, Papaya fruit, Whiteberries, Poison ivy berries, Coconuts, Coconut shells, Calquat Fruit, White tree fruit
--- End quote ---

#24 Not all compost bins give the same amount of compost. Re logging refills some compost bins. (Reported by Realitycheck) (Still bugged)

#25 Diseased or Dead farm patches in Falador weed glitch other patches. (Reported by Nabeel) (Still bugged)

--- Quote ---Garnu; I was attempting to subvert the weed glitch yesterday by emptying the Falador patch and leaving it empty.  When I got around to harvesting my herbs at Catherby, I found my herb patch suffered the weed glitch when the affecting patch probably grew weeds.  After a couple quick teleports to weed the Falador herb patch and replant I was able to see my herb patch fully grown again in Catherby.
--- End quote ---

#26 Cannot empty Viles of Plant Cure. (Still bugged)

#27 Bushes missing "Check Health" option and not regrowing the proper amount of fruit. (Reported by Lancer) (Still bugged)

#28 Belledonna and Cactus plants do not have any graphical models and always turn to weeds (not harvestable). (Reported by Lancer) (Still bugged)

#29 Using plant cure on diseased herbs reverts them to the previous grow tick.  (Still bugged)

#30 This seems to be a combination of that plot having a dead plant as well as the Rimmington bush plot also being dead. -Garnu

Also, baskets missing from shop, which are needed for protection.  Also, when talking to the farmer for crop protection, he/she says there are not crops to protect.

I Got A Copy:
Nice find there =) admins should look at this topic.

Cheshire Cat:

--- Quote from: DesertRain on February 04, 2013, 04:46:57 pm ---Also, baskets missing from shop, which are needed for protection.  Also, when talking to the farmer for crop protection, he/she says there are not crops to protect.

--- End quote ---
Adding to list, thanks mate.

stickied for future reference


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