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RuneRebels: DOUBLE XP WEEKEND & BUNNY EARS! (2.21.2)

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Even though Ryan was back at RuneRebels headquarters, he wasn't able to get much work done. Some people outside kept throwing apples at his window and distracting him from completing any of the work that he planned. Thankfully, after getting some apple proof windows, Ryan was finally able to focus! However, while he was working on the new window design, Dome Fossil was hard at work running around the world fixing various things that were broken.

Hello players! We know it has been awhile, but we are slowly chugging forward with more updates. Not only do we have a nice little double XP weekend for everyone, but we are also re-releasing Bunny Ears as a late Easter event! Watch out for a "Happy Easter" message in your chatbox, and check the minimap to see if you are lucky enough to be near a Bunny Ears spawn!

- The RuneRebels Dev Team

Game Client:
• Added native support for Apple Silicon Macs! (thanks Crazy!)

Castle Wars:
• Disabled debug messages on production worlds.
• Fixed a bug where the flag might be deleted on pickup. (thanks Justin!)
• Fixed a bug where players might have been teleported into a crate after a game ends.

• Teleports will now auto-decline trades.

• Added support for reloading plugins based on which database tables they load.

• Fixed a bug where some potions couldn't be consumed and produced a Blitz error.

Core Engine:
• Added a ton of missing level up messages. (thanks to Dome Fossil!)
• Fixed a ton of ladders that were not functional. (thanks to Dome Fossil!)
• Added support for level up messages with no item.

• Added a bunch of missing Npc Spawns. (thanks to Dome Fossil!)
• Added a bunch of missing Items Spawns. (thanks to Dome Fossil!)

Skill Menus:
• Removed the Dragon Full Helm from the skill menus.

• Peksa ever burning fire now works correctly.

Login Server
• Major improvements and cleanup of the friends system. Please let us know if you notice any issues with the friends/ignore list!

--- Code: ---Marshmallow's summary for the Lightning-Hotpatch-2 release:

Game Engine:
AllGoFree Login Server: merge 3 commits into master
RuneScape Blitz: merge 23 commits into master

AllGoFree: merge 46 commits into master
AllGoFree RS Lib: merge 1 commit into master
Arctic: merge 2 commits into master
Blitz API: merge 4 commits into master
BlitzMySQLData: merge 15 commits into master
Core AllGoFree: merge 16 commits into master
Core Blitz API: merge 1 commit into master

CastleWars: merge 5 commits into master
Commands: merge 41 commits into master
Cooking: merge 1 commit into master
Core 317: merge 2 commits into master
Core 459: merge 2 commits into master
Core 508: merge 2 commits into master
Core 613: merge 2 commits into master
Core Engine: merge 2482 commits into master
Documentation: merge 4 commits into master
Easter2022: merge 9 commits into master
Herblore: merge 7 commits into master
ItemSpawns: merge 230 commits into master
NpcDrops: merge 2 commits into master
RandomEvents: merge 2 commits into master
RuneRebels: merge 1910 commits into master
SkillMenus: merge 2 commits into master
Trading: merge 1 commit into master
Woodcutting: merge 1 commit into master


AllGoFree RS Client: merge 1 commit into master
Project Ivyberry Loader: merge 8 commits into master

AllGoFree RS Cache: merge 2 commits into master
AllGoFree Tools: merge 1 commit into master

Total: 4828 commits

--- End code ---

Great update Ryan! Big thanks to dome fossil for putting in some serious effort for a lot of missing messages/ladders/npcs!

Dome Fossil:
Great update! So happy to see this!

Nice update!  Really look forward to more.

Wewt, moar updates!


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