Author Topic: Some bugs i noted while playing  (Read 279 times)


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Some bugs i noted while playing
« on: December 27, 2020, 10:40:25 pm »
While playing i found some bugs, they're mostly not that bad but some are annoying as balls, like u can't complete quests or train
1. In the goblin mail quest when grubfoot says something it appears as a goblin general saying it
2. The iron bar somewhere in wildy isn't there
3. If u break an axe or a pickaxe Bob from lumby won't fix them
4. If u break ur pickaxe the dwarf that sells them doesn't fix them
5. Can't buy barcrawl drinks from some bars (For me, it's the karamja. yanille and the varrock bar near the wildy)
6. In the monk's friend quest when u pop a balloon it makes no sound
7. Some ledders in raging guild don't work
8. Chests in pirate's hideout in wilderness don't do anything
9. Can't get inside the nature rune house in ardy
10. Wilderness dungeon with the fire giants doesn't have fire giants and it doesn't have the wilderness skull in it (I don't think u can attack ppl in it)

That's it, if I remember or find more i'll post them here.. if I remember to ;)