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Do people actually still play this?


How many people still play? It's been like what 7 years 8 years? Damn still going lol

The Vanguard:
I get on occasionally.

People still play, but it seems like everybody has phases where they play for a couple months and then don't for a while, and those times never seem to line up with everyone else, so there's constantly only like 1 or 2 players on if any, and then that in itself will make people not be as active after a couple months. I see it happen all the time with new players that join.

Discord is a much better way than the forums to check if people are active on here.

I'm new to this, when i play its usually 3-4 people on and at peak it's 5-8, rly wish more people played this..

So like when are you guys going to start advertising and stuff?

The way I see it, you may as well start building a player base and potentially get some funding while you can.


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