Author Topic: RuneRebels Tarvos (2.15.5) - Farming Part 2!  (Read 5080 times)


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RuneRebels Tarvos (2.15.5) - Farming Part 2!
« on: May 31, 2020, 07:13:08 pm »

It had been almost a month since the crew had decided to temporarily move to the Falador farm to avoid the plague spreading across the region. Although at first it took some time to adjust, but the team was enjoying the break. Bill, Alex, and Ryan loved to sit outside watching the cows roam around while sampling some of the weeds that they harvested from the farming patches. Of course, it wasn't all relaxing, they had been trying different combinations of crops and noticed that sometimes the plants disappeared before their very eyes. Alex was in charge of grinding up the various runes used in the spells to repair the crops, and occasionally when Ryan & Bill weren't looking he would eat some of the powder to get that lovely mind rune buzz. Overall, the farm life turned out to not be so bad!

Hello players! We hope are staying safe during all of the crazy world events currently taking place. This update is smaller than we hoped, but we've continued our razor sharp focus on farming and fixed many irritating bugs and added an entire new kind of crop you can plant! Thank you so much to Nijntje, Muse, and other players for helping us get the farming patches into glitchy states so we can repair the issues. Please continue to report any issues to us and we will work to fix them, and happy farming!
- The RuneRebels Dev Team

Core Engine:
Added the ability to cut through webs with the Guthan's warspear.

Core 317:
Fixed a crash in MakeItemListener.

Fixed a bug where seedlings and saplings were tradable.

• Added tree farming!
• Added the logic for planting tree seeds in plant pots
• Added more specific varbit error messages. If you see these on login, please report them!
Fixed a bug where planting a sapling would consume the plant pot.
Added the correct behavior when attempting to water with an empty watering can.
Added the correct animation for the seed dibber.
Fixed a bug where mushrooms turned into weeds when diseased or dead.
Fixed a bug where swamp herb patches were using the wrong status bits for the dead / diseased versions, causing them to disappear.
Fixed a bug where belladonnas turned into weeds when diseased or dead.

Code: [Select]
Marshmallow's summary for the Tarvos release:

Game Engine:

Blitz API: merge 1 commit into master

Areas: merge 1 commit into master
Core 317: merge 2 commits into master
Core Engine: merge 4 commits into master
Documentation: merge 1 commit into master
Farming: merge 26 commits into master
RuneRebels: merge 1 commit into master



AllGoFree RS Cache: merge 1 commit into master

Total: 37 commits

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Re: RuneRebels Tarvos (2.15.5) - Farming Part 2!
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2020, 09:07:27 pm »
Farming xp galore baby


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Re: RuneRebels Tarvos (2.15.5) - Farming Part 2!
« Reply #2 on: June 18, 2020, 08:47:39 am »


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Re: RuneRebels Tarvos (2.15.5) - Farming Part 2!
« Reply #3 on: June 26, 2020, 04:26:15 am »
Hard to believe this is still online.

Much love to you guys for keeping things going and still actually working on updates.