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Old Herb Sprites


Hai ther, the current version of herb look in RR is past 2007 update, it was changed due to some scams regarding Unidentified version of herbs, how about we bring back even moar oldschool look? Like dis:

Ofc they will stay grimy, if i remember correctly it was like that back in the rs too, first they made them grimy then they changed the look..

Dev Seth:
If I remember correctly this problem was addressed and implemented to prevent scamming much along the lines that you mentioned.

Ahh yes, I remember talking about this and someone said they'd look into it but nothing has been done since. We should use the original unids model but give them names when grimy, and maybe have them colored when clean like OSRS has them.

Maybe not even have them colored, for that true 06 feel without the hassle of having them as actual unids. (Basically, just have them like they were before but name them lool)

Dylan Bowen1:

Old models for everything.


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