Author Topic: RuneRebels Titan (2.15) - Farming Part 1!  (Read 5169 times)


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RuneRebels Titan (2.15) - Farming Part 1!
« on: April 30, 2020, 11:49:25 pm »

As the plague continued to spread across Gielinor, more and more of the citizens left the major cities and starting picking up more leisurely activities. Bill and Bailey decided to head out to the Morytania farm patches and set up B&B's Swamp Produce, their new business centered around shipping high quality swamp produce directly to Alex back at the headquarters to sell to the citizens. However, when they arrived at the patch, they noticed that nothing would grow properly in it. They even got an angry call from Matthew that they had somehow screwed up his farm in Falador, which didn't make any sense! They called in Ryan to investigate, since the magic running the farms was ancient and hadn't been touched in years; they slowly began the hard work of restoring the farms to their former glory.

Hello players! We hope that you are all staying safe during the lockdown. We've taken a look at some of the longer standing bugs in the game and are making an active effort to stamp out the large obvious ones, especially ones with the core skills. We hope you enjoy the effort that we've put into Farming and the game engine, especially with the object bug, and will continue to work on a follow up Farming update that is coming soon. Best of luck in the fields!
- The RuneRebels Dev Team

Blitz API:
Added varbit API.
Added API for manually triggering random events.
Added a common requirements API, including a check for if the player is wearing gloves.

Adjusted the color of yells so that they aren't so bright.

Core 317:
Added the real object removal packet.

Modernized the database table layout.

Fixed a bug in the weather command where you couldn't differentiate between users with the same first name.

Npc Spawns:
Added missing spawns in the Brimhaven Dungeon.

• Made massive adjustments to the object system in an attempt to fix the object desyncing bug. Please report any issues you see on Discord.

• Fixed a bug where an individual patch entering a corrupted death or diseased state could corrupt other patches.
• Completely reprogrammed compost bins to use varbits, fixing issues where they would appear to be in the wrong state or disappear.
• Fixed the patches at Port Phasmatys
Added farming debug command for developers.
Added some missing Farming Npcs.
Fixed an issue where bush patches with poison ivy berries could give the player red berries.
Modernized the database table layout.
Fixed a possible Blitz error on login.
Switched farming patches to use the server's varbit system instead of the custom solution in the plugin.
Fixed a bug where you could water swamp herb farm patches, possibly corrupting their state.
Moved all login code into a single listener, so when you login all farming patches update at the same time.

Added boy/girl chat variable.

Random Events:
Fixed the drop rate for Birds nests.

Modernized the database table layout.

Fixed a possible crash in the dialogue system when an Npc died.

Code: [Select]
Marshmallow's summary for the Titan release:

Game Engine:
RuneScape Blitz: merge 16 commits into master

Blitz API: merge 9 commits into master
Core AllGoFree: merge 2 commits into master

Commands: merge 3 commits into master
Core 317: merge 2 commits into master
Documentation: merge 5 commits into master
Farming: merge 59 commits into master
FoodAndDrink: merge 3 commits into master
FreeToPlay: merge 10 commits into master
Mining: merge 1 commit into master
QuestScripts: merge 5 commits into master
Quests: merge 2 commits into master
RandomEvents: merge 4 commits into master
RuneRebels: merge 28 commits into master
Tutorial Island: merge 1 commit into master
Woodcutting: merge 3 commits into master

Quest Data: merge 8 commits into master


AllGoFree RS Cache: merge 1 commit into master
AllGoFree Tools: merge 1 commit into master
Marshmallow: merge 6 commits into master

Total: 169 commits

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Re: RuneRebels Titan (2.15) - Farming Part 1!
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2020, 06:16:40 am »
No fancy vairuss can stop the economy, worldwide watermelon production is still in progress, senkyu for making farming great agane.

Btw, on login i had the message:

Blitz Error: VarBitError! 145 is out of range; Maximum value is 63.
Blitz Error: VarBitError! 146 is out of range; Maximum value is 63.


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Re: RuneRebels Titan (2.15) - Farming Part 1!
« Reply #2 on: May 01, 2020, 11:52:10 am »
Someone stop these admins, they are running through all my bug reports like butter! reeeeeeeeeeee