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RuneRebels Celestial (2.13) - CREATURE OF FENKENSTRAIN!



"Hey, wake up"... said a familiar voice. "Dude, you have to get up" continued the voice. "Hrmmm what?" asked Ryan. "Who is it?" he asked. "It's me, Bill" replied Bill. "You should probably wake up now, it's almost February!" continued Bill. Ryan quickly jolted awake and looked around the headquarters. There were empty beer glasses and leftover food everywhere from the New Years Double XP party, quest scrolls scattered all over the floor, and Alex was cuddled up in a corner with one of the camels from Al Kharid. "Holy crap, how long have we been asleep?!" asked Ryan. "Almost the entire month dude" replied Bill, as he continued to perfect the quest scroll that he was working on. "I just need you to check a few boxes on this and sign on the dotted line and it is ready to go!" said Bill happily. "What is it?" asked Ryan as he mindlessly signed the document. "It is my new experience!" said Bill as a crazy looking doctor appeared in a puff of smoke. "I'll be back soon" said Bill as he shrunk the doctor down and put him in a vial. "I have a castle to fill with monsters!"

Hello players! We hope that you enjoyed the Double XP event that took place around the holidays. 2020 is off to a fast start, and January is just coming to a close. However, we can't end the month without an update! We hope you enjoy this new content, and we have some more spooky surprises up our sleeves for this year!
- The RuneRebels Dev Team

• Added the ability to craft Lightning rods.

Core Engine:
• Added the correct animation when reading a book.
• Added correct messages when opening, closing, and using trapdoors.
• Added animations for opening, closing, and using trapdoors.
• Added sounds for opening, closing, and using trapdoors.
• Added the sound effect when emptying certain items.

• Fixed a typo in the dialogue for camels.

• Fixed the full inventory message when using Telegrab.

• Added 'release date' fields to ID tables.
• Increased the maximum number of chat variables.
• Fixed a bug where objects may not despawn correctly if the player was on a different height level.

• Added man/woman chat variable.

• Added the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest!

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--- Quote from: Flustered on February 01, 2020, 01:06:54 pm ---ITS SPOOKY TIME

--- End quote ---
Per RuneRebels Staff Team Decree, January will now be know as the month of October.

Good thing its February now!

Aw Yeah!  Ring of Charos when we can make bronze wire!  Kudos to the Dev Team.


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