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RuneRebels Fireworks (2.12) - BARROWS & DOUBLE XP!



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It was another super quiet day at the RuneRebel's headquarters. Bailey hadn't seen Bill or Ryan in the main lobby in over a month; Bill had disappeared into the Quest Library as usual, and Ryan had been underground in the Barrows ever since Bailey had given him the specification scroll for the reward algorithm. The sound of a door being slammed open interrupted his train of thought as he went to see what all the noise was. As he approached the main entrance, he saw Alex dragging a cut down banana tree from Karamja into the living room. "Uhh Alex, what the hell are you doing?" questioned Bailey. "Oh, I was just bringing in our Christmas tree" replied Alex, as he continued to drag the tree, which was dropping squashed bananas all over the floor. "But that's not… you don't usually… I mean shouldn't we have gotten a… oh never mind" said Bailey as he watched the tree get stuck in a doorway. As Alex continued to fight with the large banana tree, part of the floor collapsed in as Ryan popped his head out of the ground. "I MADE IT OUT!" exclaimed Ryan. "Made it out of what?" asked Bailey. "I was testing the coffins at Barrows and got stuck in one" replied Ryan. "I finally managed to dig my way out, and I think it is ready to go!". "Awesome! I have something I think would go perfect with that" replied Bailey as he pulled out a handful of magical Double XP Tablets from his inventory. "I'm thinking it's time to celebrate the New Year!" exclaimed Bailey. Before Ryan could even reply, Bill popped his head of the door to the Quest Library. "Fuck yeah, do it" said Bill before closing the door. "Sounds like a plan!" said Ryan. "Whats with all the bananas on the floor? he continued. "Don't get me started…" replied Bailey as they walked out the main entrance to cast the Double XP spells.

Hello players! We hope that you are all enjoying the holidays and are ready for a new year! We are extremely excited for 2020, as it is going to be a fantastic year for RuneRebels with the content that we have in the pipeline. That being said, we know that everyone has been eager for the December update, as last month's updates consisted of only hot patches. We are super proud to finally release the Barrows minigame after a ton of work into it, and we hope you enjoy playing it as much as we did making it!

In addition to this new minigame, in order to celebrate the holidays and the new year, we will be running a Double Experience event from midnight December 27th until 11:59 PM January 3rd (EST)! Every player can earn double experience for up to 10 hours each day; after the 10 hours the effect will wear off, with the counter resetting at midnight EST each day. We hope that this gives everyone enough time to schedule in some of the grind as we work on even more content for you guys.

Finally, we just wanted to let everyone know that we've created a new item giveaway channel on our Discord server where players with the appropriate rank can run item giveaways! If you want to run a giveaway, ping us on Discord and we can give you the required rank. If you haven't joined yet, there isn't a better time!

Happy New Years!
- The RuneRebels Dev Team

• Added support for sending a message when a player attempts to use a shortcut from the wrong location.
• Fixed the level requirement for the Wilderness Agility course obstacles to be 49, so players can now boost their way past the initial gate and use the course.

• Added the Barrows minigame!
• Fixed a bug where administrators could smuggle items out of Barrows.
• Added all of the Barrows doors to the new door system.
• Added the correct Barrow's reward algorithm.
• Added the Barrow's armor effects.
• Added correct behavior for crypts, including Prayer draining.
• Added full maze generation logic.
• Fixed the death animations for all of the brothers.
• Added the door puzzles.
• Added the tunnel collapsing effects.
• Made the Npcs in the maze increase the player's kill count.
• Fixed Karil's crossbow.

• Fixed a bug where ::cc would copy the wrong coordinates.

Core Engine:
• Fixed a bug where using a door during a cutscene would enable player input.

• Fixed a bug where cross-world commands could be used on players logged into Telegram.

• Added a giveaway channel on Discord where players with the appropriate rank can run item giveaways!

Double XP:
• Enabled up to 10 hours of Double Experience per day from midnight December 27th 2019 until 11:59 PM January 3rd 2020!

• Fixed a bug where "set result as response" didn't work for CheckPlayerSkill when no maximum was specified.

• Fixed a bug where the Goldsmith gauntlets didn't provide extra XP when using Superheat item.

--- Code: ---Marshmallow's summary for the Fireworks release:

Game Engine:
RuneScape Blitz: merge 54 commits into master

Blitz API: merge 11 commits into master

Agility: merge 42 commits into master
Areas: merge 5 commits into master
Barrows: merge 5 commits into master
Bosses: merge 1 commit into master
Commands: merge 6 commits into master
Core Engine: merge 46 commits into master
Documentation: merge 3 commits into master
ItemSpawns: merge 10 commits into master
Magic: merge 1 commit into master
NpcDrops: merge 4 commits into master
ObjectScripts: merge 2 commits into master
RuneRebels: merge 120 commits into master
Shops: merge 1 commit into master
Smithing: merge 3 commits into master



Total: 314 commits

--- End code ---


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