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RuneRebels Meteor Shower Hotpatch (2.11.1)

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Shortly after the launch of the last update, Bill went to his room to get some rest. He had just finished crawling under the covers of his brand new Quest Cape sheet and comforter set when he was interrupted by a bunch of players banging on his window. He got up and wandered over to the window to open it up, wondering what the players could want at this hour. "Ladder broke" exclaimed Brownay after Bill opened the window. "What?" said Bill. "Ladder broke" repeated Brownay. An awkward silence followed, as they stared blankly at each other. "The ladder in the guild is broken" repeated Brownay. "Damn it" replied Bill as he shut the window and headed back to the Quest Library, his Quest Cape pajamas dragging behind him.

Hello players! We hope you are enjoying the content added in the last update. There were a couple of bugs related to the new content that we wanted to fix, along with some annoying ones that we've seen mentioned on Discord that we figured we could quickly smash. With that being said, we hope you enjoy this hotpatch!
- The RuneRebels Dev Team

• Fixed a bug where going up a ladder while dying freezes your account from moving

• Added deaths to player logs which displays items lost and kept on death

• Fixed the Heroes' Guild ladder for the basement

• Added music to The Rogues' Den

• Corrected the way a player picks vegetables out of the ground

• Added the correct messages for picking wheat, onions, cabbages, potatoes, and the messages for inventory too full

• Corrected the picking up item sound

• Fixed Lava Eels healing 14 hp to heal 11 hp
• Fixed Stat restore and Super restore potions from draining boosted stats

• Made the Ice Queen's Lair multi-combat

• Fixed bug that was causing diagonal safespotting
• Fixed npcs' magic attacks showing up on other height levels (like the Infernal Mages in Slayer Tower)
• Fixed the Ice warriors in Ice Queen's Lair to use the correct ice warriors
• Removed weird Ice giant spawns that shouldn't have been in Ice Queen's Lair
• Fixed Moss giants' aggression by considering the player's combat level

•  Fixed bug where mixing herbs with vials of water would cause false "too low level" messages

•  Fixed lava eels to never burn when cooking

• Made it possible to bury bones while walking

• Made it possible to alch, as well as do any other magic spell, while walking

--- Code: ---Marshmallow's summary for the Meteor Shower release:

Game Engine:
RuneScape Blitz: merge 14 commits into master

Blitz API: merge 2 commits into master

Areas: merge 2 commits into master
Cooking: merge 4 commits into master
Core 317 Clipping: merge 6 commits into master
Core Engine: merge 11 commits into master
Documentation: merge 3 commits into master
FoodAndDrink: merge 23 commits into master
Herblore: merge 3 commits into master
Magic: merge 2 commits into master
Prayer: merge 1 commit into master
RuneRebels: merge 17 commits into master



Total: 88 commits

--- End code ---

run alch baby!

Awesome  :o wasn't expecting that many fixes, thanks guys!!  ;D

Wow, this could stand alone as a full update on its own!  ;D ;D ;D ;D
Really strong development to kick off the season.
I look forward to the massacre of those NPCs who thought their diagonalism made them safe from me... 8)

I'm glad you guys are digging the updates! Personally, I think the walking and alching is my favorite thing on this list just because of how hilariously awesome it looks.


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