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After taking some time away from the Quest Library to eat some food and wash his new blue shorts, Bill decided that it was time to venture back in. After gathering the supplies he required and loading them into the sled that Alex stole from Santa, he began to push it into the library. "What exactly is all that for?" asked Bailey as Bill passed him. "Oh, this is just some of the stuff I need while I chill in the library." replied Bill. "You need two dozen meat pizzas, six cooked beef, six cooked chickens, thirteen pies, and the entire minibar in the library with you?" questioned Bailey as Bill continued to struggle to push the sled. "Yeah, I'm gonna be in there for awhile" replied Bill. "Alex, get over here and help me push this thing!" continued Bill. "Oh dude that is a ton of food, you trying to hit up the Wizard's gym with me?" said Alex. "Uhh, totally dude; just help me push this and we'll go" said Bill. "Ah sweet!" said Alex as he helped push the sled into the Quest Library. A few seconds later, Bailey heard Alex mutter "Are you kidding me" as the sound of a teleother spell being cast in the library drowned out his voice.

One Month Later...

Petter was sitting on the couch in the lounge counting his stacks of gold while Onur rolled around on the floor. After what seemed like an eternity, Bill finally emerged from the Quest Library. Inside of the stolen sled where the remainders of the glorious food that Bill had brought in the library, along with four glowing Quest Scrolls. "Oh my lord" said Petter; "are those for me?" he asked eagerly. Bill slowly walked over while holding the radiant scrolls in his arms; "These are for the players!" he exclaimed as the scrolls vanished in a flash of light.

Hello players! We hope that you enjoyed the Quests that were released in the last update, because we have a whole bunch more for you this month! Bill has been absolutely destroying it in the Quest department while simultaneously pushing the quality and feel of the game towards perfection. This update includes a toooon of quality of life improvements, such as speed adjustments for clicking on objects, and even a super fast in game world hopping right click option on your friends! We hope that you enjoy this update as much as we did creating it.
- The RuneRebels Dev Team

• Added snow effect filter to the ice path.

• Converted all existing bosses to the new advanced monster behavior system.

• Fixed a ton of false "player is not in bank" messages.

Blitz API:
• Added AntipoisonOnNpcEvent.
• Fixed use of an API not available in Java 5 that caused World 3 to Blitz Error on login.
• Added all new advanced Npc behavior system for things such as bosses.

Castle Wars:
• Redid all of the Castle Wars stairs with the new stairs system.
• Fixed a bunch of Blitz Errors in the game.
• Fixed the bandage tables and other tables not working.

• Added right click "Hop-to" option on friends to switch to their world.
• Added support for new engine style color and image tags in the text engine.
• Added ::toggleroof command to toggle roofs.
• Added the ability to use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.
• Added ::toggleitemnames command to toggle names above ground items.

• Added support for 'perfect' gold.

• Added commands to mass spawn items containing a certain string.
• Added ::world/::hopto command to quickly hop worlds.
• Added ::clientcommands command to list all of the available client-side commands.

Core Engine:
• Moved Npc option code support into the game engine.
• Mode the plugin move players to the correct side of a ladder if used from the wrong side.
• Fixed an issue where some doors couldn't be clipped through even when open.

Core 317 Clipping:
• Made massive improvements to Npc clipping and movement code.

• Added dialogue for Woman (3226).

• Made Antipoison, Superantipoison, Antipoison+, and Antipoison++ actually cure poison and make the player immune for the appropriate amount of minutes for each potion.

• Fixed a bug related to CheckDynamicPart step when used on objects.
• Added ReplaceItems step to the cutscene editor.
• Added support for a DialogueEndedEvent for running code when the player exits dialogue.
• Added support for listening for NamedEvents.
• Checked all of the "continue conversation" checkboxes by default.

Npc Spawns:
• Added additional spawns in Mort Myre.

• Made item option events and item on item events cancel dialogue.
• Added "nothing interesting happens" messages when an event isn't handled.
• Fixed bugs related to which items are marked as destroyable.
• Fixed a bug that would cause players to "slow down" while running and clip diagonally at odd angles.
• Fixed timing issues to event dispatching when clicking on objects and other entities.
• Added support for using variables in the ItemChat item ID field.
• Fixed major bugs in the async scripting system that caused players script variables to be shared with other players. Fixes weird bugs like players causing each other to get stuck in Agility pipes.
• Added %NPCNAME% chat variable.
• Added bonuses for black and blue Wizard hats.
• Stopped additional aggressive Npcs from attacking players if they have lost connection.

Free to Play:
• Stopped the free to play area restrictor from despawning dynamic Npcs for members quest. This caused the Temple Guardian to be deleted for many players in Priest in Peril.
• Moved Kharid Scorpion code into a script.
• Added script for Monk Healing.
• Stopped the members gate from making opening sounds on free to play worlds.

• Added support for 'perfect' gold.
• Added the Witchaven Dungeon puzzle.

• Fixed issues with Scavvo's Rune Store.

• Added support for 'perfect' gold.
• Fixed a bug where two players could share one hammer.

• Added correct messages for Fungicide spray refilling.
• Fixed Zygomites not counting towards their slayer task.
• Added the ability to refill Fungicide spray.

• Migrated dialogue for Npc 380 into the dialogue editor.

Item Wield Requirements:
• Fixed a bug where the Anti-dragon shield required 60 defence.
• Removed the requirement of starting Dragon Slayer from the Anti-dragon shield.

• Added the Shield of Arrav Quest!
• Added the Monk's Friend Quest!
• Added the Family Crest Quest!
• Added the Family Pest Miniquest!
• Added ability to use NamedEvents to allow plugins to trigger dialogue and start from a specific mark.
• Fixed a bug where Duke Horacio wouldn't give the player another shield.
• Fixed a bug where Redbeard Frank could get stuck in a dialogue loop saying "Arr" over and over and over and over again.
• Fixed Blitz Errors with Merlin's Quest and Dragon Slayer.
• Fixed an issue where some players may not have been able to complete Vampire Slayer.
• Fixed the listquests command.

--- Code: ---Marshmallow's summary for the Shooting Star release:

Game Engine:
RuneScape Blitz: merge 97 commits into master

AllGoFree: merge 6 commits into master
Blitz API: merge 37 commits into master
Core AllGoFree: merge 7 commits into master

Areas: merge 6 commits into master
Bank: merge 5 commits into master
Barrows: merge 15 commits into master
Bosses: merge 46 commits into master
CastleWars: merge 14 commits into master
Christmas2010: merge 1 commit into master
Christmas2011: merge 1 commit into master
Classic: merge 3 commits into master
Commands: merge 35 commits into master
Core 317: merge 5 commits into master
Core 317 Clipping: merge 24 commits into master
Core Engine: merge 250 commits into master
Documentation: merge 16 commits into master
Donators: merge 1 commit into master
FriendActions: merge 1 commit into master
Herblore: merge 23 commits into master
ItemSpawns: merge 8 commits into master
ItemWieldRequirements: merge 6 commits into master
Magic: merge 2 commits into master
Members: merge 2 commits into master
Mining: merge 2 commits into master
NpcDrops: merge 2 commits into master
ObjectScripts: merge 3 commits into master
QuestScripts: merge 9 commits into master
Quests: merge 16 commits into master
RandomEvents: merge 1 commit into master
RuneRebels: merge 32 commits into master
Slayer: merge 6 commits into master
Smithing: merge 3 commits into master
SpecialAttacks: merge 1 commit into master


AllGoFree RS Cache: merge 4 commits into master
AllGoFree Tools: merge 12 commits into master
Marshmallow: merge 9 commits into master

Total: 711 commits

--- End code ---

"Family pest miniquest added."

Strange to see a quest made in 2016 in a 2006 remake.

Yasssss to the quest feeest!
Get it while it's hot boys!

Devs have been putting in mad work lately


And Family Pest added in as well? What a treat! Pretty QOL.


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