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Suggestions, Compliments, And Questions / For the site, and Spades.
« on: January 15, 2013, 08:10:56 pm »
Okay, so first you need to get the template sorted that I sent Frell because that portal is an absolute mess. You should also write the amount of players online to a database and then retrieve them and display the amount online in the header of the site or somewhere similar. If you write the java side I'll write the PHP side which would take a whole twenty seconds for the two of us since it's about 3 lines of code. They also need to fix the SSI stuff out, they have instructions on how to do it on skype, I have no idea if you were in that conversation or not.

As for the forums, the news and newsletter needs to be removed from the top right and placed in a bar of it's own, you can do this in general settings I'm sure. They're laid out horribly and a lot of the boards are un-needed. For example, there's no need for two general discussion boards, general chat about the real world and general chat about RR should fall into the same category, there's no real reason for two separate boards. Here you go:

- Category
-- Board
--- Child Board
/ Comment about the modification

- News, Announcements & Information.
/ Remove the child boards, add the rules to a separate page and add the tab to the nav bar. You can add tabs by the Subs.php file in your Sources directory. Also, remove the redirect boards. Most of the links are in the navigation bar, the others can be added. This will tidy this section up immensely.
-- News, Updates & Developer Contacts.
/ Where all news, announcements and general server information will be posted.
-- What's New?
/ Where the developers post all up and coming, done and in the pipe line updates.
-- Suggestions, Compliments & Questions
/ Where you can suggest something, compliment the developers and ask them questions, everything will receive developer input!

- General Category
/ Where all general and more community like boards will be placed. Some will be merged, some will be removed.
-- General Discussion
/ Where the off topic and RR general discussion boards are merged and become one board.
-- Introductions & Farewells
/ Where the introductions board goes and we might as well allow farewells while we're at it.
-- Tutorials and Guides.
/ This board remains put, however, it isn't restricted to RR, it's open to all tutorials and guides no matter the topic of the tutorial or guide.
-- Game & Tech Support
/ Where the item discussion and tech support boards are joined, this is just because both boards are rather inactive and general support can often be given out, removes another unneeded category.
-- Goals & Achievements
/ This is moved into this category, since this becomes the general community category.
-- General Media & Graphical Design
/ This is the screenshot, video and banners, logos graphics boards joined together.

- Events, PvP & Clans
/ Where the events from general in-game, pking, clans, then pk fights are organised along with clan recruitment.
-- Events
/ Organise an event here
-- PvP, Fights & Showoff
/ Discuss, organise and show off PvP-like things here.
-- Clans
/ Clan Discussion and Recruitment

- Marketplace
/ Where all buying and selling can take place, until RRMarket comes around, of course.
-- Buying
/ Where all buying is generalised, there's no need for separate boards.
-- Selling
/ Where all selling will be generalised, there's really no need for separate boards.

- Other Boards
/ Where other kind of topics will be discussed.
-- Other Games
/ E.G RuneScape/MineCraft
-- Forum Games
/ No post count of course.
-- Rants
/ No flaming, always a good board to have, keeps general complaints from general discussion.

Or some form of adaptation from that, it needs to be changed and that's a much cleaner layout. People can easily navigate around that and the moderators can then move and do what they must to keep the sections as clean as possible. This looks neater and more professional, presentation is a big part of my job in real life. On one hand I'm an oily messy engineer and the other half is when I'm presenting the possibility of a brand new 30 turbine large wind farm to worried villagers where they complain about everything. I'm more or less saying I'm open to come to agreements and discuss different layouts, there's just one certainty and this needs to be changed, if we want to gather in players then we need a respectable site, the forums layout falls under that. Feedback is appreciated. Spades asked for this list if anyone is wondering, he wouldn't let me just tell him in the IRC :(


Introductions / Ruby's Introduction
« on: January 15, 2013, 01:00:12 pm »
Hello there.

I thought I might as well make an introduction since I'll probably hang around here. I'm Ruby from MoparScape/Moparisthebest/RuneServer/RuneLocus and just about everywhere else. I'm 17, almost 18 from Scotland and I work for Siemens as an apprentice environmental engineer. I'm also a muay thai boxer, mixed martial artist, gym freak and part time alcoholic. I'm fluent in PHP and a freelance website developer, you'll probably see one of my templates appearing on the RuneRebels site since I gave them one last night. Either way, I'll be seeing you around.


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