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Current Level: 96

Hey guys so I have no idea what made me want to do this, but I decided I'm going to get 99 Runecrafting on Oldschool Runescape, and I'm actually not too far away already. My initial goal was to get 91 for double nats because I always thought about how awesome that would be, and to be honest I never thought I'd even hit that. Then once I got that I guess I decided to just finish it off and go for 99 lol. It's literally been the only thing I have done every time I log in. I sorta feel like I've put myself in a Runescape prison in the game at this point, or it feels like a part-time job lol.

I started the process early July last year. Here are a couple pictures early on: (Timestamps over the report abuse button)

Once I hit 42 I took a break for a little bit because I started to remember how bad Runecrafting really was. I started doing a lot of Nightmare Zone and decided to max out all of my melee stats lol. So after that, I resumed Runecrafting again on August 20th 2016:

Once I reached 44, I started doing nature runes and that's where the huge dreadful stretch happened. I went all the way up to 76 doing nats:

And of course, OSRS didn't decide to come out with the ZMI Ourania Altar until I was already almost 77 (for bloods), so I spent almost all of my time doing nature runes to get to bloods (44-77). The process sucked but I made lots of money off of them so I'm not too upset about it. I spent the last 25% of the level 76-77 at the Ourania Altar:

I finally was able to move onto blood runes which are a little more afkable which was an amaaaaaazing change of pace for me, but before that happened, I needed to get 100% favour in the Arceuus house at Kourend then get 73 agility to use the shortcuts to the dark essence mine which all in all took me about 2 weeks:


I would switch back and forth between bloods and nats every so often, but most the time I was doing bloods. Then I decided to switch to souls at some point during level 94:

And here is where we are today, still continuing souls until I hit 99:

News & Announcements / Server's Back Online
« on: February 22, 2013, 01:14:36 am »

News & Announcements / Players that were stuck in blackness
« on: February 09, 2013, 07:50:30 pm »
All players that have been stuck in the blackness with messed up character bodies have been fixed and their coordinates have been reset to Lumbridge. Your character's body will still be messed up, however if I or one of the other administrators find you in game, we will fix it for you manually.

As of right now, this bug may still occur for new players joining the game. So until Ryan fixes it, we will be frequently searching player coordinates for players at that location and moving them to Lumbridge.

News & Announcements / Players Stuck on World 1 Have Been FIXED!
« on: February 09, 2013, 05:56:36 pm »
The eight players that were stuck on world 1 have been fixed and may now log back in and play the game.

The eight players that were stuck have been noted by staff and because of how inconvenient and unfair it was to them, especially during the time where we've seen the biggest growth in the player base, they will receive some sort of compensation.

News & Announcements / Our Massive Growth in Player Base
« on: February 08, 2013, 05:01:27 pm »

We've broken 100! - Cheshire Cat

Today undoubtedly has been our best rate of growth in players that we've ever seen. There's no argument there. Every time I refresh the 'players online' page the number keeps rising. Every time I refresh the newest members page, more people keep flowing in. However, I think it's time we all stepped up the game a little bit and took this to the extreme.

This post is solely for letting everybody know that the entire staff and dev team appreciates your care for the game, whether it be finding bugs, showing new members the ropes, or just the simple fact of your presence. With that said, I believe we all need to turn it up a notch; it's time to let all of your friends know about this game. Spreading the word by mouth is the biggest way of advertising. Tell anyone you know who would have any remote interest in this game to register and join. Comment on youtube videos guys. Use the ::vote command until it's bone dry. If every single person works together and spreads the word, we could sore through the roof by the end of this weekend and begin to officially become the top 2006 remake out there.

I'm not saying piss people off and shove our name down their throats. I'm saying if everyone briefly speaks about it, whether it's on moparscape, rune-server, or youtube, you guys are going to have an incredible time, the staff is going to have an incredible time, the whole dev team is going to have an incredible time, and at that point, nothing will stop us from achieving what our sole intentions of this entire project was originally about; replicating RuneScape from the year 2006.

It is so crucial that we all work together as one big organ to thrive and flourish and help spread our name. I cannot stress that enough. We will all work together as a team, because everybody in this community IS one big team. We're a team for creating the illusion and bringing back the nostalgic memories and feelings that we once had for RuneScape.

With all of that said, let the advertising begin and let's transition into the new era.

News & Announcements / Getting DDoSed Again
« on: January 31, 2013, 01:20:26 pm »
Just letting you guys briefly know that we're being attacked again. That's why the games down. Just sit tight...

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