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News & Announcements / Behind the Scenes! (RuneRebels Atlas)
« on: February 25, 2017, 04:12:52 am »

These next upcoming patches are sure to be juicy with more and more addition to the Dev Tools every day.
We have begun work on multiple quests, two of which are shown here.


Client Changes
New Detail Selection Screen                                  Music/Sound Slider Fixed

What the staff are up to
Austin: Working on multiple quests, spawning NPC's , and polishing areas                           Bill: Working on two major quests, spawning NPC's, polishing areas
Matt: Filling in missing dialogue for quests                                                                            James: Adding in missing music and being old
Ryan: Fixing a ton of bugs, adding in more Dev Tool functionality, being awesome               Sean: Working on multiple quests, Spawning NPC's, Fetching quest dialogue
Stuart: Working on shortcuts                                                                                                Petter: Making new Icons for the client and working on website designs
Onur: Working on plugins and the new websites functionality                                         Gustav: Danker memes

We can't wait to see you guys on our next update!
Yours truly,
The RuneRebels Development Team.

News & Announcements / RuneRebels 2.3 Aquila Launched!
« on: February 18, 2017, 04:14:02 am »

RuneRebels Aquila (2.3) is the second content update we've been working on.
Although there is minimal new content in this update such as new weapons and monsters, we are still very excited to share
what we have been working on. With each and every update regardless of size, we've been able to remove the many obstacles in our way allowing us to further progress in our development.

With this release we have fixed many doors and ladders, introduced The Restless Ghost quest and the Grand Tree, fixed numerous bugs but most importantly added many important Developer Tools needed to continue development. We have also increased our World reboot speed (something that greatly hindered the development process) by a whopping 400%. Originally the reboot time was 2-3 minutes, but now it has been decreased to just about an average of 22 seconds.

We know most of you are heavily excited for the release of more quests that will lead to more content. Although with this update we are only releasing The Restless Ghost quest, the tools that we have added to our Quest Editor will greatly help us progress further in the other quests that we are working on. Not only that, but we are very excited to finally implement the correct Quest Complete Rewards window, as well as the proper music! It's the little things like these that we love adding to the game, which aid in the realistic/nostalgic feeling that we are trying to achieve.

- Added proper Quest Complete Rewards window!
- Added Quest Complete music!
Cook's Assistant Quest Complete + Music

The Restless Ghost
A ghost has appeared out of its coffin in Lumbridge, leaving Father Aereck a bit distressed.
Unravel the mystery behind the Restless Ghost's awakening, and you shall be rewarded.

- Bandit Camp is now complete and accessible
- Dark Warriors' Fortress is now complete and accessible
- The Grand Tree is now complete and accessible

- Fixed the Grand Tree doors and ladders
- Fixed all doors and ladders at Dark Knight Fortress

Npc Spawns:
- Spawned Chicken

- Spawned Cows
- Spawned Sheep
- Spawned Farmer

The Grand Tree:
- Spawned 120+ NPC's in and around the Grand Tree

Castle Wars:
- Spawned Hill Giants

Bandit Camp:
- Noterazzo's "Bandit Duty Free" general shop added
- "Tony's Pizza Bases" shop added

The Grand Tree:
- "Blurberry Bar" shop added
- Heckel Funch's "Funch's Fine Groceries" shop added
- Rometti's "Fine Fashions" shop added
- "Gianne's Restaurant" shop added
- Hudo's "Grand Tree Groceries" shop added
- Gulluck's "Gulluck and Sons" weapons shop added

Npc Dialogues:
- Baraek now has proper dialogue, sells bear fur as well as buys bear and grey wolf fur
- Silk Merchant now has proper dialogue and buys all silks
- Added Captain Errdo's dialogue

Item Spawns
- Cheese itemspawn added to bandit camp
- Tomato itemspawn added to bandit camp

- Made the Lumbridge Fence a functional shortcut instead of teleporting the player to the other side
- Added the "Select an Option" to Ladders and Stairs
- East Ardougne cow pen gate is now functional
- Trees in the Rune Essence Mine are now choppable
- Varrock Fountain is now a functioning water source
- Removed mysterious NPC 1604 at 0,0
- Using a Jug of Water on a Pot of Flour is now functional
- Using a Bucket/Jug/Bowl of Water on a Pot of Flour now provides proper Dough options

- Coconut milk can now be made from Coconuts

- Pies can now be made from their ingredients
- Pizzas can now be made from their ingredients
- Fixed Range in Wilderness

- The trees at the essence mine are now choppable

- Fixed the age old bug causing NPCs to respawn where they died!
- Fixed being able to bank Lamps
- Fixed a bug causing the player to get stuck if being attacked with auto retaliate on while doing a shortcut
- Fixed Wyson not recognizing mole skins in player's inventory
- Fixed missing NPC spawns on World 2 (F2P)
- Fixed clipping preventing the player from picking up items from certain objects; most notably drawers
- Fixed being able to fletch arrows with a full inventory, causing the arrows to disappear
- Fixed Telegrab spam exploit
- Fixed the Edgeville Monastery Prayer bug
- Fixed the Rune Essence Mines being marked as "Members Only"
- Fixed BlitzError from using a Needle on Chaps
- Fixed Glassblowing XP rates for Oil Lamps and Lantern Lens
- Fixed Unstrung Onyx Amulet being invisible
- Fixed Crushed Nests being stackable
- Added attack, block, and death animations for Cows

Developer Tools
- Enhanced World reboot speed by 400%
- Added "BOTH" field to the Stairs and Ladders Database
- Added ModifyDoor and UseDoor steps in the AllGoFree Tools
- Added support for one-way doors
- Added static_direction to the NPC_Spawns Database
- Added ModifyPlayerSkill step in the AllGoFree Tools
- Added SpadeDigEvent trigger in the AllGoFree Tools
- Added GetDynamicNpc step in the AllGoFree Tools
- Added Water_Sources Table in the Database
- Added CloseChatBoxInterface step under PerformAction in the AllGoFree Tools
- Added Face step in the AllGoFree Tools
- Added support for specifying the quest reward interface item ID and zoom value in the Quest Editor
- Added support for specifying the quest complete music in the Quest Editor

The RuneRebels Development Team

RuneRebels Media / It's a bird! It's a plane! It's, it's.... Prayer?!
« on: January 25, 2017, 08:22:07 pm »
This is what happens when Prayer comes back.

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